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Fire Fox News Channel Special Report: The Vic Mignogna Scandal.

Hello, and welcome to this Special Episode of Fire Fox News Channel, regarding Vic Mignogna's case.

Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and the other members of the Defense Team's Appeal to Mr. Mignogna's Appeal was denied, as shown in the statement below.

We have considered appellees' "Motion to Dismiss Appeal for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and as Premature".

The Motion is DENIED.

We direct the clerk of this court to send a notice of this order to the attorneys of record, the trial court judge, and the trial court clerk.

Dated December 11, 2019

While the case was Dismissed in October 2019, this affirms that the case is still open. Mr. Mignogna is still suing FUNimation Studios, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ronald Toye in Tarrant County, Texas District Court. It is not said how long this lawsuit will last. It could take weeks, months, and it is even possible that it could take years.

In a video posted around January 21, 2020 by Vic Mignogna on his "Unlocked" Stream on Twitter (We believe), he said the following.

"...I am deeply troubled to hear that anyone has suffered as a result of their support for me. I have only ever asked that positivity and kindness be spread to drown it out. You Guys, DO NOT engage the Haters. That's what they want. I don't have any control over what they say, or do, to anyone, as a result of how you choose to show your support. But, it pains me to think that any of that has happened. I don't want that for any of you..."

He then pleas for YouTubers to stop covering his situation, as he does not want anyone to get hurt as a result. He then states that "He's doing the best that he can. He is fighting for his life and his livelihood." He continued, "I Have had to insulate myself from time to time, for my own sanity, quite honestly. But please don't think for a second that I don't care. or that I'm apathetic, in any way. I wouldn't have brought a lawsuit against these lies if I were apathetic."

He later spoke of the allegations, stating, "I have never once, in the history of my life, forced myself on anyone. Ever. That is not who I am, not who I've ever been... ...I have never harmed anyone. In fact, I have never been in a fight. I have never thrown a punch. I've never hurt anyone, and I never would."

He later described that "Every one of these Industry People...except for Sean Schemmel, who has always publicly expressed his hatred for me, and he told me himself at the Broly premiere that it was because of my openness about my Faith. That he didn't think that I should be sharing my Faith. ...Every one of these Industry people has pretended to be my friend, for as long as I've known them."

(Note: Due to our reporter getting kind of sleepy and sloppy, she will cut to the chase and leave links to the videos about all of this below some more of Mr. Mignogna's words.)

"I did not admit to what Jamie Marchi accused me of. I clarified it. I have never, in any way, shape, or form, had any attraction whatsoever to Jamie Marchi. But, I did think we were good friends. ...You've seen videos of her messing with me at Conventions years after. Her *Finger quotes* Alleged Story. As recently as one week, I'm not kidding, one week before all of this garbage started last year, I was in the lobby in FUNimation, and I, as I had been hundreds of times before. And Jamie walked in. Guess what she said. "Hi, Hon! How was your Christmas?" One week before the garbage...."

The full video is in the link below by Kurono. Our News Team compared Mr. Mignogna's behavior in his video to his Live-Action videos. Our Team tries to be as unbiased as possible. But, in our opinion, we can conclude that he was not acting.

The video below by the YouTuber, "Hero Hei", was posted on January 23, 2020, and titled, "Goku Voice Actor, Sean Schemmel, Gets Called out for Mocking Vic Mignogna, Broly, FOR HIS FAITH". In it, he discusses about Vic and these Allegations, as well as how the majority of the Fan Base sides on the matter. He mentions a video by Sean Schemmel and Sonny Strait (The voices of Goku and Krillin). The video that they made is savage, and filled with foul language and is just all around awful. Our News Team could not stomach but about a minute and a half before backing out. It is suggested that you do not watch it, as it is far from appropriate for ANYONE. Even still, I will give you the title of the video at the very bottom of this post if you still wish to search it on YouTube.

Posted by YouTuber KANJIC.


Broly Voice Actor Vic Mignogna COURT CASE Going Foward For 2020 | Monica Rial, FunimationYOUTUBE

Posted by YouTuber Kurono


Vic Mignogna Addressing AllegationsYOUTUBE

Hero Hei's video:



Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all found this update interesting. My apologies for the long post. Have a blessed day.

This is the name of the video. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Vic mignogna Parody from Sonny and Sean shemmal(Disturbing footage)"