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  • Bio My Fandom Story: I got my account after Google decided to translate the Kanji for the Second Opening of Boku no Hero Academia, "Peace Sign", while I was writing an English Cover for the song. I stumbled to the place that I could post it, and found THIS. Thanks! Have a blessed day!
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    Fire Fox News Channel Special Report: The Vic Mignogna Scandal.Hello, and welcome to this Special Episode of Fire Fox News Channel, regarding Vic Mignogna's case.

    Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and the other members of the Defense Team's Appeal to Mr. Mignogna's Appeal was denied, as shown in the statement below.

    We have considered appellees' "Motion to Dismiss Appeal for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and as Premature".

    The Motion is DENIED.

    We direct the clerk of this court to send a notice of this order to the attorneys of record, the trial court judge, and the trial court clerk.

    Dated December 11, 2019

    While the case was Dismissed in October 2019, this affirms that the case is still open. Mr. Mignogna is still suing FUNimation Studios, Mon…

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  • Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin

    ...Here I am....trying to make a theory......this may end badly. LOL!

    It's about Broly.

    .....And Goku.

    • Deep breath*

    While reading through the Broly page, I realized that Dragon Ball CANNOT get height correct. Here is an example:

    In Base Form, they say that Broly is 7 foot, 7 inches tall. IN BASE FORM.

    There is estimated to be only around 70 men in North America to be 7 foot or taller. It is EXTREMELY rare, to say the least.

    As for Goku:

    They say that he is 5 foot, 9 inches tall by the end of Dragon Ball. Now, I know that when Dragon Ball ended, Goku was still a kid. Only being 16 years old. The average boy has a major growth spurts between 10 to 15 years of age. And they usually stop growing in general by age 16, only looking fully grown by age 1…

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