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1) A woman meets her dream man in her own mothers funeral. She really likes him, but she was unable to get his number and cannot contact him, desperate she decides to kill her sister.

Question: What is the motive for killing her sister?

2) Three men are stuck in a building with no windows or doors (don't ask how they got there). The only way out is through a magical mirror. The mirror tells them "I will say number, and if you say the right number corresponding to mine, i will let you go."

Mirror: twelve

1st guy: six

mirror lets first guy pass through him*

Mirror: Six

2nd guy: Three

he passes through the mirror as well*

Mirror: Three

3rd guy: one and a half

Mirror forces man to stay*

Question: Why was the first two men able to pass, but not the third guy?

3) it takes 6 men, 6 hours to dig a hole, it takes 2 men to dig 2 holes.

Question: How long will it take 1 man to dig half a hole?


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