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  • Kaestal

    So... apparently in the newest chapter/episode Trunks comments that Gohan is apparently so weak he can barely be sensed.

    I can only think that Gohan is supressing his power to a ridiculous amount, or else the training he did about a month ago actually took his power away from him >.>

    Lets go on a little journey of Adult Gohan's power shall we?

    It was basically said that after 7 years of not training, or doing veeery little training, Gohan was about half as strong as he once was, needing Super Saiyan 2 to equal his power as a Super Saiyan during the Cell Games.

    If ya somehow don't know the difference between the two it is a multiplier of 50 for Super Saiyan and 100 for Super Saiyan 2.

    Fair enough, seems a bit reasonable if a little "How did he r…

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