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In Dragon Ball GT, Baby (Bebi) performed a feat which has presumably never been talked about before. He was preparing a Revenge Death Ball, but Kibito-Shin swiftly attempted at saving Goku by using the Kai-Kai technique, a technique which enables him to move everywhere in the universe instantly as described by the Daizenshuu.

The Daizenshuu's description of the Kai-Kai should not be inherently wrong. In the anime, Kibito-Shin traveled from the Kaioshin realm to Earth and vice versa within mere seconds if we're using screentime, Pure Buu also performed a similar feat by transporting himself to the Kaioshin Realm within seconds as depicted by the screentime, once again.

Toriyama's illustrations of the Dragon Ball Cosmology showed us that the Kaioshin Realm is indeed outside of the Dragon World or the Living Universe.

Kibito-Shin was most definitely not too late, he was already grabbing Goku, but the impact of the Revenge Death Ball managed to outmaneuver Kibito-Shin's Kai-Kai, meaning that the Revenge Death Ball can be scaled to the Kai-Kai and by extension, characters more powerful than Baby (Bebi) such as Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, Yi Shenlong (Syn Shenron), the list goes on and forth.

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Since the term "instant" is mostly vague, I'll be dividing the equations by the typical estimation of low-end, mid-end, and high-end.

As we all know, Speed = Distance / Time. Distance would be 93 billion light-years since that's the diameter of our observable universe, that's where time would vary and where the equations will be applied.

c = Light Speed


(93 billion LYs / 1 second) = 8.79829142e26 m/s

8.79829142E+26 m/s = 2.934794116802E+18c


(93 billion LYs / 1 microsecond) = 8.7984793395E+32 m/s

8.7984793395E+32 m/s = 2.9349E+24c


(93 billion LYs / planck time) = 1.63233607E+70 m/s

1.63233607E+70 m/s = 5.444887042489E+61c


Low-End = 2.934794116802 Quintillions * FTL

Mid-End = 2.9349 Septillions * FTL

High-End = 54.44887042 Novemdecillions * FTL


I am well-aware that the Daizenshuu has also described the universe as having endless, expansive space, but the general definition of "endless, expansive" are broad and can refer to so much.

Henceforth, why I ignored it, it's not like it would matter in the long-run anyway.

Anyways, that's end result, Dragon Ball GT Characters are quite fast and certainly no slouch of the Dragon Ball franchise. Peace.

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