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I mean, after traveling around the wikia community, I've noticed that our wiki is pretty laid back compared to some others. I mean, you need to have at least 25 edits on the Pokemon Wiki to join the chat (the chat's UBER cool though :P). IT'S A CHAT!!! Why do you need edits? And on the Bleach Wiki, you can't even edit your own USER PAGE unless they feel you've "Earned it." And on most wikis, there aren't blogs. And on the Haruhi Wiki, blogs are only for like, fanon and crap (those guys are horrible writers BTW). On the Wikia Central chat, YOU CAN'T TALK IN CAPS IF YOU'RE REALLY EXCITED LIKE THIS (Or it could just be that Wikia Tyrant Godisme)!!!!!!!!!!!! So I would say we have one of the most un-strict wikis out there. :P

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