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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Prince Of All Saiyan's
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  • Janemba's over 9000

    Hey guys im back!!!! Y'all are probably saying who are you? Haha well i made a few blogs and picked a couple of fights (online arguments) and i totally forgot about this website and havent been on here for ages anyways so here is my question :)

    P.s. whos pumped for xenoverse??? Gonna buy it for the playstation 4 gonna be sweet hope they dont f it up

    So do i have a ocd?

    I cant stop buying movies and completing a collection so heres what i have, ill list my tv show collection (so far) cause if i list my movies it would be one long ass blog.

    Note: these are all dvds no digital downloads!

    1.) dragonball season 1-5, dragonball z season 1-9, dragonball gt season 1-2

    2.) dbz movies include... Dead zone, worlds strongest, tree of might, lord slug, coole…

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  • Janemba's over 9000

    Okay so goku isnt stronger than vegeta before and even during the saiyan saga, gohan is the 1 to defeat vegeta not goku remember how his spirit bomb didnt beat vegeta and goku couldnt even move a muscle laying on the ground completely beaten? If gohan didnt turn into a great ape vegeta would have won.

    So with that being said what if vegeta trained with king kai? He would have got even stronger and maybe would have been able to become a super saiyan quicker? I think the only reason goku is stronger is because he got to train with a kai and surviving near death and that hard work out b4 namek and then he was also dead for 7 years and got to train in the otherworld with the kais and here skills and powers to help him get better and all the oth…

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  • Janemba's over 9000

    Okay so who would win in these team matchups?

    The rules:

    • power levels dont mean anything
    • try to give a brief explantion for a few of them if you can :)
    • dont put what you think others will choose, its all your opinion :)
    • teams dont have to make any sense (example: vegito and gogeta can fight each other)
    • the fights are in order so the captains fight the other captain the second fighter fights the other teams second ect then at the end who ever is still alive on both teams fight's till 1 team is left
    • dont forget this!! example:- if kid vegeta defeated kid goku he wouldnt be at full strength any more so if he has to fight the survivng fighters on the other team take into account how mach damage and how tired the individual winners would be after def…
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  • Janemba's over 9000

    This is my list of the best to worst dbz movies

    Please leave your list or some comments :)

    I really like them all except bio broly which was really crappy

    Put your list in the comments you can do your top 19, top 15, top 10 or top 5 its up to you

    P.s. tthis is just z movies but feel free to include the db or dbgt movie in the comments of your top favs

    So here we go!

    1.)coolers revenge (dat final form)

    2.)tree of might (best ending!)

    3.)episode of bardock (the original ssj!)

    4.)battle of gods

    5.)broly the legendary super saiyan (KAKAROT)

    6.)bardock the father of goku

    7.)super android 13 (the first dbz movie i owned :') so yeh)

    8.)history of trunks

    9.)the return of cooler(cooler + big gete star = META COOLER)

    10.)dead zone

    11.)wrath of the dragon

    12.)bojack unbou…

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  • Janemba's over 9000

    This is simple who would win and why. For all of you who think the movies arent cannon just try to pretend they are :)

    1.) super vegito vs beerus

    2.) mystic gohan vs ssj3 goku (as seen in battle of gods)

    3.) majin vegeta vs pikkon

    4.) Lssj broly vs ssj bardock

    5.) bojack (full power) vs perfect cell

    6.) chilled vs frieza

    7.) hirudegarn (final form) vs super buu

    8.) janemba vs ss2 teen gohan

    9.) lssj3 broly vs ssj3 goku

    10.) kid goku vs kid vegeta (as seen on friezas ship)

    11.) super gogeta vs ssj3 gotenks

    12.) android 13(fusion) vs android 17

    13.) super vegeta vs cooler (final form)

    14.) piccolo (kami fused) vs ssj1 future trunks

    15.) ssj1 goten vs ssj1 gohan ( the version of gohan who went super saiyan for his first time in the time chamber)

    P.s. dont use power levels to say who would win!!! Try to d…

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