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Hi there this is my first fanon story. How this plays out is entirely up to you. It plays after the Buu Saga and Goku is enjoying a quiet time on Earth and then he gets an idea to invite Pikkon to earth. So he grabs the Dragon Balls and asks Shenron to grant Pikkon 3 days on earth. He grants the wish. A little transcript.

"Ah, this is nice." Goku thinks to himself. "With no worries."

"Mmhmm maybe i can bring Pikkon to life for three days have him meet everyone." "Shenron could you revive Pikkon for three days."

"It shall be done." Shenron says and grants his wish. "What is your second wish?" "Um, can have a freshly cooked giant fish."

Shenron embarrassingly grants him the wish.

The fish falls down from the sky and Pikkon lands next to Goku. Both of them enjoy their meal and go off training meanwhile an evil presence hovers over earth. an unknown Alien.

Okay time to choose what alien should it be:

  • Sayian
  • Frieza's race
  • Namekian
  • Tuffle
  • Machine Mutant
    • Or something entirely different
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