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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 8 August 2020

Namekian sea water

I feel like remembering that one of the dubs regarded Namek's seawater as toxic. Did I experience a Mandela effect? or am I remembering something correctly for once?--Jack Jackson DB Fanon/MUC Wiki admin [mod] 01:06, August 8, 2020 (UTC)

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 11 January 2020

Where to read English edition Super Dragon Ball Heroes mangas?

Are there any sites that allows ya to read SDBH mangas UM and DDR I'm English? mangarock removed them recently.

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 31 January 2017

Has the US Version ruined Dragon ball Fusions?

I've been watching the US Version of Dragon Ball Fusions on TheeMikeyJ's youtube channel, and discovered some poor censorship (sticks to swords), and some pretty lazy translations. I put Karoly's Kanji name in the google translator, and it does come up with Kalory, but who in the world would call him that the ruins the idea of fusion for series. I live in a different continent to NA, and have feeling that this things are coming to my continent. Does Nintendo and US Bandai realise they ruined the game with this poor choices?

P.S. I'm never calling him Kalory. He's Karoly to me.

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 4 April 2014

Reasons why Broly is stronger than SS2

Everyone seems to complain that Broly shouldn't be stronger thn an SS2. So i'm going to drop some knowledge on y'all. Broly's power level in is his first movie is 445'000'000 or some around there. He is near-fatally wounded by Goku, so his Zenkai activates and magnifies his power level to around about 500'000'000. Gohan's power level decreased to due to lack of training so he the power level of 200'000'000 as SS2. SO Broly is stronger than Gohan because of that reason. And the Family Kamehameha was about the same as Broly. So I hope that helps.

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 17 July 2012

Fusion Fanon Story - You Get to Choose

Hi there this is my first fanon story. How this plays out is entirely up to you. It plays after the Buu Saga and Goku is enjoying a quiet time on Earth and then he gets an idea to invite Pikkon to earth. So he grabs the Dragon Balls and asks Shenron to grant Pikkon 3 days on earth. He grants the wish. A little transcript.

"Ah, this is nice." Goku thinks to himself. "With no worries."

"Mmhmm maybe i can bring Pikkon to life for three days have him meet everyone." "Shenron could you revive Pikkon for three days."

"It shall be done." Shenron says and grants his wish. "What is your second wish?" "Um, can have a freshly cooked giant fish."

Shenron embarrassingly grants him the wish.

The fish falls down from the sky and Pikkon lands next to Goku. Bot…

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