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Goku Zenkai

Kakarot's Zenkai (Frieza Saga)

By: Ishimaeru Xetsuki

Learning and Teaching

Learning skills and various techniques comes easily to saiyans. Since Saiyans are naturally able to control their ki better than most other species. Due to their Ancestors having God ki and being the masters of such, it can be deemed as a genetic trait as with Goku and Gohan when Goku taught gohan the Kamehameha and only took two tries to correct. Many examples are seen throughout the series that Saiyans can learn almost any techniques available once they see them or have any connections to said techniques.  The first instance we get this is from Dragon Ball when Kid Goku witnessed Roshi's Kamehameha and mimiced it. Though very small and weak, the blast was enough to convince roshi that Goku was a prodigy in ki control. In many other instances: Goku learned Telepathy through connections of Kami and King Kai, Distructo Disc from watching Krillin, and the body division clone technique from witnessing Tein and Piccollo using it. Others such as Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and even Broly have also learned the same way. Vegeta; Distructo disc witnessed from krillin, Ki sensing and Supressing by connecting with goku's, and even telepathy via with little help from King kai. Goten; used the Kamehameha after witnessing Gohan, going super saiyan after training with Chichi, and Flight after taking in Gohans simple steps just once. Trunks and Future Trunks; Learned the Galick gun via watching Vegeta and final flash after witnessing Vegeta use it in battle. Broly; learning how to control ki by sparring with paragus, learning to use martial arts from fight Goku and Vegeta, and the use of the Oozaru (Great ape) form's power by using his ki in it's natural purest form. Learning something for Saiyans comes easy, though the teaching one might use or attempt to perform is difficult. Saiyans enjoy battle and learning new abilities and techniques that'll increase their power, but teaching them is quite difficult due to their pride and lack of actual training before the beginning of the Z era.  Originally, to Saiyans, Training was simply fighting and then healing in order to obtain the zenkai boost exploited by Vegeta in the Frieza saga. Saiyans never truly had the idea of actual exercising and martial arts as training. It is shown in the Bardock special, that kid Vegeta's training was simply using his little to full power to vanquish his enemies. there was no exercise weights nor machinery to help keep them in shape. They were still Barbaric in nature, so much that the only instance of real training only came to Saiyan elite infants and low level combatants that survived their infantry missions to conquer other worlds.

Zenkai Boosts

Zenkai boosts are first noted in beginning of the Frieza saga by date, then in the Bardock special by timeline. Bardock expoited this simply through taking as much difficult and dangerous missions as possible in order to test each new level he rised to. After every mission, he came back brutally injured and near death. So much so that even the Saiyan doctor told his companion that he would soon surpass King Vegeta if he kept it up, then asking him how does he survive since he doesn't train or pick up any special techniques from others within the Saiyan or Frieza army. Bardock's response was "I just know how to fight, it's that simple." This allows us to believe that Saiyans aren't too keen to accept teachings from others, but rather fight at the expense of their lives to gain strentgh.  With Vegeta, his exploit was much more direct and simplyfies the Saiyan exponential increase in power and strength, as well as vitality. Vegeta did this by saying "That brat (Gohan) got right back up stronger than before after that beating, just like the true Saiyan he is." Then right after stating to krillin that if he were to damage him at least to near death, then got Dende to heal him, he could grow strong enough to fight or possibly beat Frieza. His theory proved true, but it was too late and Krillin took too long deciding and Dende's refusal not only prolonged it, but still didn't help much due to Frieza transforming into his final form at the time.  Had Krillin and Dende listened sooner, it is very much like indeed, that Vegeta could have beaten/defeated if not, wounded, Frieza badly enough to raise their chances of winning the battle. While the prolong healing did bring him closer to death only to become much stronger, the zenkai boost was not enough for him to wound nor beat Frieza. Fortunately for Kakarot (Goku), his Zenkai boost took a much longer, but just as efficient process in the Frieza force healing tank in Frieza's ship. His Boost was much more, but still did little to Harm Frieza as he still had to depend on the Spirit Bomb with the energy of nearby palnets and it's inhabitants in order to save themselves.  All the while still to no avail.  A final Instance in validation is made when Cell told everyone he had Namekian as well as Saiyan cells, so that when he regenerate or heal, his power decrease like a namekians, but rather increases like a Saiyans after a severe injury. furthermore, The last time it was exploited in the Series was during Goku Black's timeline fighting against trunks, goku and Vegeta where his body immediately healed after sustaining any damage.

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