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Two-year-old Clark Kent was excited to visit his grandpa. The old hermit lived in a faraway place called Mt. Paozu. When his family arrived, they were surprised to see Grandpa Gohan holding a baby.

"Oh! Hello, Martha!" said the hermit. "I found a baby near a space pod! His name's Goku! Son Goku!"

"I assume you'll be adopting him, then?" asked Clark's mom. She herself had been adopted from an orphanage by Grandpa Gohan. Clark guessed it wouldn't hurt to have a younger uncle.


At age four, Clark was excited to see Grandpa Gohan and Uncle Goku again. Clark and Goku ran off together to explore the woods. Goku smiled and held up a baby tiger he'd found. Clark panicked and told him to put it down, but it was too late. The mama tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacked the children. Clark screamed and accidentally fired off some laser beams from his eyes. The tiger fled, but not before Goku hopped on its back. Goku tackled the tiger to the floor and killed it. He began dragging it back to the house. Clark watched in horror.

"What's wrong, Clark?" asked the three-year-old.

"You just killed the tiger!" cried Clark, upset.

"Well, yeah. How else are we gonna eat it?" Goku asked. Clark promptly fainted.


Clark was ten years old. He was ready to visit his Grandpa Gohan and Uncle Goku once again. He didn't remember much about the two, only the traumatic memory of Goku killing the tiger way back when. When they arrived, they found Goku crying over the crushed body of Grandpa Gohan. Clark was horrified.

"Wh-what happened to my dad?" wailed Clark's mom.

"A giant monster came out and stepped on him!" cried the little nine-year-old. Clark walked over and tried to comfort the boy, but a tiger came out and growled at him.

"Torashi, it's okay! He's a friend!" Goku said, stroking the beast. Torashi promptly backed off. Clark looked at the tiger and back at Goku.

"Is that the baby tiger whose mother you ate?" asked Clark.

"Yup!" Goku replied. "I couldn't bear to eat him, so I kept him as a pet! I think he tried to protect Grandpa Gohan from the giant monster."

"Hey, Goku," said Clark's dad. "Is it okay if we adopt you? You clearly can't live out here by yourself."

"Only if Torashi can come," said Goku. "And if I can bring Grandpa's keepsake."


Clark was thirteen years old, now. Goku had been living with the Kents for three years. He called himself Clark's brother but refused to change his name to Goku Kent. He wanted to respect Grandpa Gohan's memory. Torashi was about nine years old and still stuck around the Kents' farm. He'd never really been opposed to acting like an overgrown cat. He wouldn't kill the animals on the farm, but he would eat meat given to him by Goku, who, unfortunately, would kill animals on the farm. At least, at first, he did. Goku had better manners now and was filled in on a lot of the gaps in Grandpa Gohan's teachings. Things were going fine.