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Chiharu stared at the sea thousands of feet below. She knew that her twin brother, Gohan, was too scared to look over the edge of the Nimbus. However, her little brother, Goten, loved riding the Nimbus and wanted to learn to fly like the trio's father currently was. They were flying over an island now and landing there. It had a little pink house on it with the word KAME in big red letters.

As the Nimbus landed, two-year-old Goten tried to do a backflip off of it and landed on his head in the sand. Luckily for the toddler, he had a thick skull—both literally and figuratively. Chiharu hopped down and helped her brother of the Nimbus, and Goku landed next to the twins.

"Hi guys!" cried Goku. "It's great to see you again!"

"Are you running some babysitting service, Goku? 'Cause while one of them is definitely your kid, there's no way you have three children," said a bald man.

"Nope, all of them are my kids, Krillin! And we've got another on the way! Chi-Chi wanted a big family, after all," Goku explained. The man called Krillin tilted his head to the side.

"Isn't that a lot to deal with?" he asked. A green-haired woman nodded her head in agreement.

"I bet it's worth it, though!" cried an old man with a turtle shell on his back. Chiharu didn't quite know what he meant, and it didn't look like the rest of her family didn't either. Then, however, the green-haired woman slapped him. Chiharu shrugged and watched as her twin brother ran off to play with the turtle. Suddenly, Krillin, the older man, and Goku went on high alert. "I sense something, guys. It's big. Bigger than Piccolo!" Goku cried. Gohan cowered behind the green-haired woman, but Goten and Chiharu stood on their grounds.

A long-haired man landed and looked around, his eyes landing on Goku. Chiharu shrugged and wandered towards Turtle and began stroking it while tuning out the conversation. That is until she heard her father scream.

All three children lept into action, Gohan running towards Goku, Goten screaming in terror, and Chiharu kicking the bad man in the shin. The man quickly grabbed the trio by their tails and flew off. While the boys panicked, Chiharu stuck her tongue out at him and tried to resist as best she could. Finally, he dumped the three on the ground.

"Would you two SHUT UP?!" shouted the man. Chiharu kicked him in the shin again and glared.

"How dare you talk to my brothers that way!" she shouted. The man looked at her. Then, he proceeded to dump all three in his space pod. Not long after, a battle started. When Gohan heard his father screaming in pain, he exploded. Literally.

Not able to see what happened next from the crater that once was a space pod, Chiharu panicked and attacked the man, swift and calculated, however weak. He hit her in the head and she passed out. However, not before seeing Goten get blasted into oblivion. She cried out in horror before everything went black.