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Part 1

Cueco was surprised when he arrived back at Kame House, the place he'd come to know as his home eleven years ago. Was that... Kakarot? The little son of Bardock that he'd been unable to find all those years ago? Cueco landed right in front of Kakarot. A bald little boy and a blue-haired woman started freaking out that he could fly and had a tail. With some amount of horror, Cueco realized Kakarot's tail was missing. Then, Master Roshi came out of Kame House.

"Oh, Cueco! I see you've met my new students! They've been training here for about a month now!" said the old man.

"Kakarot, what happened to your tail?!" Cueco said, aghast and ignoring the older man.

"What's a Kakarot?" asked Kakarot. "My name's Goku! You have a tail, just like I used to!" Cueco looked at him in horror.

"Goku? What kind of a saiyan name is that?! Wait... you don't remember our heritage, do you?" Cueco then spent the next hour explaining to the horrified Kakarot what saiyans used to be and do. Cueco then explained that he was trying to change his ways and be a member of Earth society. Kakarot also agreed what saiyans were doing was wrong.

After seven months, the two saiyans had gotten quite used to each other and got along pretty well. Then, the day of the tournament came.

"Cueco, why won't you participate in the tournament? I wanna fight you!" complained Kakarot. Cueco still refused to call him by anything but his saiyan name.

"I already told you!" Cueco laughed. "I'm too strong for any of the fighters on this planet! Someday, when you're stronger, I promise we'll have a little spar, okay?"

"I promise I'll get stronger! And when I do, Krillin and I will beat you!" shouted Kakarot.

When the time came for the tournament to start, Cueco watched with great interest, taking notes on all of the Earth fighters' techniques. He still somewhat wanted revenge for his race, but it didn't look like any of the Earth's warriors were strong enough to hold a candle to a Frieza Force member, much less Frieza himself. Still, they had a lot of potential, and with the proper training... Cueco shook himself out of this train of thought. Why go looking for trouble? He already had a perfectly peaceful life here on Earth. Why take the chance and ruin that?

Cueco was sitting next to a girl named Bulma that Kakarot had apparently met on his journey before he'd met Cueco. She kept staring at his tail. Cueco guessed she knew about the Oozaru form. Kakarot had been quite upset when he'd learned that he'd been the one to kill his "Grandpa Gohan." He smiled awkwardly at her. She frowned.

"Are you related to Goku?" she asked. Cueco was slightly taken aback. Did she assume that just because they both had tails they were related? Well, he guessed it was uncommon enough on Earth that she probably had to think that.

"Er... no. But his father was my father's best friend and my parents' boss," Cueco explained. "At least, that was before our planet blew up."

"YOU'RE ALIENS?!" Bulma shouted. Cueco spent the rest of the tournament answering Bulma's questions.

Part 2

Cueco was surprised to see Goku and everyone else show up at Kame House. When Bulma said that the Dragon Ball had been swallowed by something, Cueco reluctantly agreed to come along to Fortuneteller Baba's. When they arrived, Baba declared that they would have to fight her six fighters since they did not have ten million Zeni.

"Six fighters?" asked Roshi. "Last time I checked, you only had five!"

"Well, I picked up someone new, brother," said Baba, rolling her eyes. "And I think the tailed one may be interested in fighting her. So, he'll fight first. If he wins, he'll continue, as per usual. But I don't think he will."

"Huh?" asked Cueco, cocking his head to the side.

"Oh, you'll see!" sang the Fortuneteller. In the arena, Cueco was surprised to recognize the first fighter.

"I-Imo? Is that you?" asked Cueco.

"Hi, Cueco," she said, smiling. "Ready to get your butt kicked?"

"Just like old times, huh?" he laughed, getting into his fighting stance anyway.

Cueco launched himself forward, preparing a kick. Unfortunately, Imo had always been faster and stronger than him. It seemed that had not changed, as she delivered a devastating gut punch directly before his attack met. The rest of the fight went pretty much the same, with Imo outclassing him at every turn. She'd kept up with her training, unlike him, who'd only trained every so often. He'd never particularly liked fighting, even though he was a full-blooded saiyan, which was strange, he knew. Finally, when all hope for resurrecting Upa's father seemed lost, Cueco bit his lip and powered up into his Max Power form.

"Oh, we're doing transformations now, are we?" asked Imo.

"You can control Oozaru?" Cueco asked incredulously.

"Yes, but that's not what I'm talking about."

"How?!" screamed Cueco.

"You learn a lot when you can resurrect the dead for a day," Imo answered sarcastically.

"What transformation are you speaking of, then?" Cueco asked worriedly.

"BEEFCAKES!" screamed Imo, buffing up into what Cueco knew as Max Power. "We're on equal footing once again, Cueco."

The rest of the fight went pretty much the same as the first half. Cueco was being trounced. Suddenly, Cueco had an idea. It was the only way to win.

"KA," Cueco began.

"Oh, I see what we're doing."

"ME," Cueco continued chanting.

"A beam clash, eh? You always were better with ki."






Cueco's kamehameha wave was quickly overwhelmed by the devilmite beam, and he inflated like a balloon. Imo smirked.

"It'll wear off eventually. Also, that was only a held-back version. The full version makes you explode," Imo explained. When it came time for the next fighter, Imo just stepped out of the ring.

"You're not worth my time fighting," she teased. "I will, however, be joining you on your adventure. It's about time I start gathering an army to take down Frieza, anyway."

Part 3

Cueco sensed a ki remarkably similar to his own at the tournament grounds, where Imo, Kakarot, and he were flying. Over the three years they'd been apart from the rest of the "army," the saiyans had been training on the continent of Yahhoy. Kakarot's tail had grown back (luckily), and Imo and Cueco had started dating. Of course, the only one participating in the tournament would be Kakarot, as he was still somewhat at the level of these humans. Imo estimated his power level to be at 200, which was still quite a lot for humans. Of course, thanks to years of training with Cueco, Master Roshi was around that area, too. Of course, Cueco and Imo were still leagues above Kakarot and the others, with Imo having an estimated power level of 750. Cueco was estimated to be around 700.

When they arrived, they were surprised to notice the Crane School making an appearance. And as soon as Cueco locked eyes with their third member, he recognized him. That face belonged to none other than his twin brother, Umber. Cueco immediately decided he would be entering the tournament. When Imo heard this, she wasn't going to be left out, either. Watching the preliminaries, Cueco kept an eye on his brother.

"Hey, why do you keep looking at Umber, Turtle-School scum?" snapped a doll-like boy.

"He's my brother, that's why," Cueco answered absent-mindedly. The doll boy's jaw dropped. When it came time for Cueco to fight in the preliminaries, he annihilated all the competition. That is until he went up against Imo. He was immediately inflated. He still hadn't been able to figure out how to counteract that move.

Finally, the actual tournament arrived. The fights were Yamcha vs. Tien Shinhan, Goku vs. Jackie Chun, Krillin vs. Chiaotzu, and Imo vs. Umber. When Yamcha got his leg broken, Imo wasn't too concerned about it. But Cueco, not having seen how cruel humans could sometimes be, was horrified.

Now, it was time for Kakarot's first match. Jackie Chun (who Cueco knew to be Roshi) was up to fight him. Jackie Chun won with a long fight that I'm too lazy to type out. Next up was Krillin vs. Chiaotzu. The winner was Krillin.

Finally, when it came time for Imo vs. Umber, Imo estimated him to be at a power level of 730. She was almost sure she had this in the bag. After all, how could Umber of all people counteract the Devilmite Beam? As it turned out, he could dodge it. Poor Cueco had never thought of that. 'Idiot,' thought Imo. She began to charge up a kamehameha wave, and Umber charged up a Dodon Ray. Unfortunately, the Dodon Ray charges faster. Imo was hit. She shrugged, however, and fired the kamehameha wave anyway. Umber wasn't expecting that and was flung out of the ring. He didn't have time to start flying, either.

Next up was Jackie Chun vs. Tien Shinhan. That was... an interesting fight. Krillin vs. Imo was a curb stomp. Finally, it was time for the finals. Tien Shinhan vs. Imo. Imo forfeited, not seeing the need to fight someone equal to Kakarot. Tien was pissed, but he took them out to dinner anyways, although out of kindness, Imo insisted Bulma pay.

"What? You're rich! And I'm not letting our little champion here pay for four saiyans' meals!"

Part 4

Cueco noticed when Krillin's ki dropped to zero, and there was a scream. He stood up and started running to where he last felt Krillin's ki. Imo and Tien stopped arguing about whether or not Imo should have jumped out of the ring. They all ran off to where Krillin was. Everyone was shocked to see Krillin dead. Kakarot flew off, ready to avenge his best friend. Master Roshi recognized the symbol of King Piccolo. Cueco was panicked. He'd heard stories of King Piccolo from Roshi, and they weren't good. It sounded like a somewhat powerful Namekian was terrorizing Earth. Kakarot probably wasn't strong enough to face him. They all went to Kame House and made a plan. Then, they blasted off to find the Dragon Balls.

Cueco, Imo, and Umber were catching up and worrying about their parents' boss' son. Unfortunately for them, they lost track of time and wound up meeting Tien at the King's Castle. They let Tien handle Drum, and he won the fight because he copied Umber's version of his mother's technique, Energy Ballet, which Umber called Dancing Energy. Cueco offered to go after King Piccolo, but then Umber started arguing with him, saying he should be the one to fight King Piccolo. Imo insisted Tien do it since this was his planet. While they were arguing about who should be the one to take him out, King Piccolo was trying to get their attention. Just then, little Kakarot arrived and began attacking King Piccolo. Umber insisted they let this play out. Imo argued with him. Cueco just watched. The fight played out, with Kakarot surprisingly winning. Cueco happily clapped while Umber and Imo continued arguing in the background.

Cueco, Imo, and Umber spend the next three years training together. Also, Cueco and Imo finally get married during those three years.

Part 5

Three years later, after training with Kami, the four saiyans headed down to the tournament. Umber, Cueco, and Imo insisted that Kakarot be the one to enter the tournament since this was his fight. Besides, they didn't want to overwhelm the poor guy. Of course, Imo being pregnant influenced her decision to leave the saving the world to Kakarot.

Cueco was the weakest of the three older saiyans, with a guesstimated power level of 900. Umber had a guestimate of 950. Imo, however, had guessed herself at 1,000. So not as strong as she'd like to be, but still pretty strong. Kakarot was strong as well, with a power level of 910. It was amazing how he caught up to the rest of them so quickly.

When the girl named Chi-Chi showed up, Cueco was quick to tease Kakarot. Kakarot, however, did not find this very funny. As such, Imo also joined in. And, due to peer pressure, Umber made fun of Kakarot as well. Everything went pretty well in the tournament, with Kakarot sparing Piccolo Junior's life.

Part 6

Gohan waddled over to the little house next door. Cueco and Imo had built the house with their bare hands when Imo refused to move in with "that pervert Roshi." The four-year-old son of Kakarot was very smart for his age. He was also very shy. However, his best friend, Brock, was... the opposite. He was the kind of five-year-old who tried to eat a rock, choked on it, spat it out, then tried to chew it up more so he could swallow it. He was also the kind of five-year-old who could talk his way into or out of anything, which was a handy skill to have when being homeschooled by Chi-Chi. Esperi, Brock's twin sister, was NOTHING like him. She was calm, collected, and obsessed with strategy and planning.

"It's time to go, guys! We're gonna go meet the humans!" cried Kakarot. Gohan, who had, as part of his tutelage, had physical education with Imo as his teacher, knew how to fly. However, he wasn't the best at it. Brock far exceeded him in that department. Esperi decided to ride the Nimbus with Gohan and "Uncle Kakarot" in order to preserve energy. Imo and Cueco would obviously be flying. The two made fun of Kakarot for still using the Nimbus in his adulthood, but Kakarot had grown used to their teasings.

When they arrived at Kame House, Gohan and Esperi climbed off of the Nimbus. A strange, noseless bald man, an old man wearing a turtle shell, and a blue-haired woman greeted them, as well as someone Gohan and Esperi recognized as Bulma Briefs. The adults left the children alone to play so they could catch up.

Gohan and Brock were quite fascinated by Turtle, and started to play with him. Esperi watched, an uneasy feeling in her gut. Suddenly, a huge man wearing saiyan armor with a widow's peak and long hair landed right in front of the boys. Gohan lept into the air and hid behind Brock, who nudged him into getting into his fighting stance. Esperi also got into her fighting stance. The door to Kame House burst open and the adults came running out. The blue-haired woman sneezed, and suddenly she was blonde! She pulled out a gun and aimed it at the new guy.

"Raditz?" asked Cueco.

"You're alive?" added Imo.

"You think you're surprised!" shouted Raditz. "What are you two doing here?"

"We were sent to Earth by your father when he found out about Frieza's plan to blow up Planet Vegeta! How are you alive?" Imo asked.

"Hold up," said Raditz. "What do you mean 'Frieza's plan to blow up Planet Vegeta?' I thought it was-"

"You actually believed that meteor crap, Raditz?" laughed Imo. "Of course you would be that gullible."

"Prince Vegeta believes it. So does Nappa!" Raditz argued.

"Wait, the prince is alive?" asked Cueco.

"If the rest of the royal family is dead, wouldn't that make him king?" interrupted Gohan.

"Don't tell him that," joked Raditz. "So... what now?"

"You explain how you're alive!" shreiked Imo.

"And who you are," added Kakarot. "I'm really confused right now."

"Kakarot, this is your brother, Raditz," explained Imo. "We never mentioned him or any other members of your family because we didn't want to rain on your happy-go-lucky parade."

"Oh," said Kakarot. "HEY! I'm NOT happy-go-lucky! I'm just optimistic!"

"I'm alive because I was off-planet at the time and the prince decided to ignore the order to return home. Nappa and the prince are alive for the same reason," Raditz explained. "I was sent here to collect Kakarot for a planet-purging we were having particular trouble with, but now that you guys are here..."

"You're in a tight spot, Raditz," Imo sympathized. "But we've got ways of getting stronger, faster. We'll be fine, even if the prince and Nappa come along to 'collect' us all. However, you're not going back to them empty handed. You know they'll kill you. Therefore, we'll be keeping you here, as a training partner. This offer is non-negotiable."

"W-What?" Raditz stammered. And so, the year of HFIL began.

Piccolo Junior did pop in, since he was still upset at Raditz for nearly killing him earlier, and made off with Gohan and Brock when he saw them sparring. Chi-Chi was pissed.

Kakarot wound up getting a non-lethal trip to Otherworld because of Imo's influence on King Yemma. Cueco began training with Raditz and Umber and Imo, who doubled Esperi's training regime. Yamcha, Krillin, and Launch, as well as Tien and Chiaotzu trained at Kami's Lookout.

Part 7

Raditz, Cueco, and Umber had all learned to control their Oozaru forms thanks to Imo's teachings. They'd trained under some of the greatest masters of ki on this planet to have ever lived, once again, thanks to Imo. Esperi insisted that she be taught to control Oozaru as well. So Imo, despite having the temptation to throw sunglasses at her daughter, taught her to control the form.

Launch had been regularly sneaking away from the Lookout to see Raditz, who eventually fell for her as well. She'd had to stop training a few months ago because of her pregnancy. She'd proposed to Raditz after that, and the two had an impromptu wedding.

While Gohan had a problem with dodging, Piccolo found that Brock was utterly unable to aim. Their spars were... interesting... to say the least. Piccolo estimated himself to be twice as strong as Brock and Gohan combined, which meant that he would probably show up on the scouter as 4,000 since Brock estimated himself to be 1,000.

Of course, when Prince Vegeta and Nappa showed up during one of the boys' spars, Piccolo was alarmed. Vegeta, however, was slightly intrigued by the boys' power levels. After all, who'd ever heard of the son of a low class having a power level of 1,000 at that age? The two were only five and six, respectively. Of course, Gohan and Brock ceased their sparing when Vegeta showed up. They got into their fighting stances and turned to him. Piccolo, who was already in his fighting stance, smiled inwardly. Then the humans showed up. First Krillin, with a power level of 2,000. Then Tien and Chiaotzu, with respective power levels of 2,000 and 700. Finally, Yamcha, with a power level of 1,500. Launch showed up shortly afterward, carrying baby Ranch. (Bad Launch isn't the best mother...) Launch had a power level of 500, and Ranch had one of 50.

Vegeta ordered Nappa to plant the Saibamen, but Launch didn't give him a chance. Using a special high-powered gun invented by Bulma, she shot Nappa in the face. Of course, this didn't do much more than hurt a lot, but Nappa was still mad. He grabbed the gun out of her hand and crushed it. He was about to go after her, but Raditz showed up just in the nick of time!

"DON'T YOU DARE LAY A HAND ON MY MATE!" shouted Raditz angrily, punching Nappa in the face. Nappa cried out in pain.

"His power level!" shouted Vegeta. "It's five thousand! How did it get so high?! He's Raditz, for crying out loud!" Ranch retorted in baby language, but no one could understand her. Finally, Vegeta just planted the Saibamen himself. They all immediately went after Chiaotzu and Yamcha, who both got exploded. Then. Nappa, who was slightly panicking, shot a random energy blast at Brock, who dodged it. Brock tried to fire back with a Masenko, but he wound up hitting the unprepared Krillin instead, knocking the bald man unconscious. Tien then joined Raditz in pummeling Nappa into the ground, angry at his loss of Chiaotzu.

"This is chaos," said Gohan, deadpanning.

"Wanna make it even more chaotic?" Brock asked excitedly. Gohan looked at him worriedly.

"Brock..." Gohan started. But Brock was already dashing towards Prince Vegeta, t-posing and singing this song at the top of his lungs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914

Vegeta was, of course, taken aback, very confused, and slightly intimidated. Not that he would ever admit it. Gohan face-palmed. Piccolo looked confused.

"What is he doing?" Piccolo asked Gohan.

"I-I don't know, but whatever it is, it's stupid," Gohan replied.

Part 8

Nappa was dead, thanks to Tien and Raditz, so he had no way of helping Vegeta out of the awkward situation described in the last chapter. Brock began using his special Spinny Masenko, in which he spins around and fires as many one-handed Masenkos as possible. Everyone was attempting to dodge, but most everyone was hit with at least one, including Vegeta. Yagirobe had to jump out from behind his rock where he was hiding, thanks to Brock's newest technique. It was not a very good technique, now that Brock thought about it. Oh well, too late now. Imo, Cueco, and Umber arrived at this exact moment.

Cueco landed directly in front of Brock, telling him to back away from the prince. Brock ducked between his father's legs and started to try and punch Vegeta. Vegeta rolled his eyes and blocked Brock with a single finger. He then was about to kill Brock, but Piccolo jumped in the way and was killed instead. That's when Esperi arrived. Seeing her brother, she hugged him and turned angrily towards the dying Piccolo, proceeding to lecture him about not kidnapping people. Vegeta realized there probably wasn't a good way to fight his way out of this when there were so many other saiyans on Earth. Kakarot arrived then, having been reminded by Imo that he needed to come. Everyone got into their fighting stances, but Vegeta just sighed.

"I'm guessing you're gathering an army to take down Frieza or something?" asked Vegeta.

"Yup!" said Kakarot. "Wanna join? You can be in charge! According to Imo, we're gonna have to go to Piccolo's home planet to resurrect our friends and fight Frieza there, since he wants the Dragon Balls and we need them! Obviously, we can't let him get immortality or whatever!" Vegeta looked at Kakarot, confused.

"I can see the future," explained Imo. "Not that I'm very good at it."

Part 9

Bulma managed to create a fleet of ships based on the Nameless Namekian's ship. Three people could fit in a ship. Launch, Raditz, and Ranch were in the first ship. The next ship contained Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo. Next was Imo, Cueco, and Umber. Bulma, Vegeta, and Kakarot shared a ship, as well. Finally, Gohan, Brock, and Esperi were on the last ship.

When the first ship arrives on Namek, Cui is waiting for them. "Hello, Ve- wait, you aren't Vegeta! You're that Raditz guy!" said Cui. "You've been missing for a year! Wait, is that a baby you're holding? What-?" Cui was cut off by Raditz blasting off his head. The artificial gravity Bulma had designed worked wonders for training, after all. The family of three finds Frieza's forces have slaughtered the first Namekian village. Good Launch is horrified.

When the second spaceship arrives, Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo save a small child named Dende from being slaughtered by Zarbon and Dodoria. Krillin takes Dende to safety while Tien and Piccolo fight Zarbon and Dodoria. Frieza watches in amusement. However, to his surprise, Zarbon is killed. Tien and Piccolo then turn to Dodoria. That's when Raditz, Launch, and Ranch arrive. Krillin takes Ranch to safety, while Launch and Raditz assist Tien and Piccolo in eliminating Dodoria. Imo, Cueco, and Umber arrive on the scene just as Dodoria dies. The group sets their sights on Frieza, but Frieza calls in the Ginyu Force to help take them out, underestimating the group.

Meanwhile, Kakarot, Vegeta, and Bulma are gathering the rest of the Dragon Balls. Bulma keeps flirting with Vegeta since she long ago broke up with Yamcha. Vegeta is getting annoyed. Finally, they meet up with Krillin, Dende, and Ranch at Grand Elder Guru's place, where they get the Dragon Ball and get their potentials unlocked. Bulma now has psychic powers, Dende can heal, and Krillin, Vegeta, Kakarot, and Ranch are now more powerful.

Gohan, Brock, and Esperi, despite being able to sense ki, are lost. They've managed to find a group of Frieza soldiers, however, and together, manage to take them down. They find that the Frieza soldiers were raiding a library. They find a book called the Namekian Book of Legends. Gohan is exceptionally interested in the legends from all cultures listed, but Brock only cares about the two saiyan legends. Esperi doesn't care at all, as she's more interested in the comic book section. Brock also cares about that section.

Anyway, back to the battle. The group with the Dragon Balls has now returned to the rest of the group. Everyone is in their fighting stances. Things are about to get rough.

Part 10

Krillin fired a Kienzan, Tien fired a Kikoho, Launch launched a high-powered rocket, Piccolo fired a Makankosappo, Ranch did a Kiai shout, Kakarot fired a Super Kamehameha, Raditz used Double Sunday, Vegeta used a Galick Gun, Umber used Dancing Energy, and Imo used her version of the Devilmite Beam. Frieza just barely dodged, went Final Form, and fired a Supernova. This landed directly on Krillin, killing him. Kakarot was angry. Very angry. So angry his hair turned yellow, and his ki shot up to fifty times its regular account. Everyone turned to him, including the kids, who were on the other side of the planet. They packed up their books in capsules and began flying to the source of the ginormous ki.

When they arrived, everyone was watching Gohan's dad beat up Frieza. Dende called upon the dragon and wished the planet wouldn't blow up. Then he wished back Yamcha and Chiaotzu. The Dragon Balls scattered across the planet. Everyone watched as Goku tried to spare Frieza and Frieza refused to be spared. Imo wound up killing Frieza just to make sure he didn't seek revenge or something like that. Then, everyone got back in their spaceships, waved goodbye to Dende, and headed home.

Part 11

Tien, Chiaotzu, and Umber arrived first. Then came Yamcha and Puar. Krillin, Roshi, Launch, Raditz, and Ranch arrived. Finally, Piccolo, Kakarot, Gohan, Imo, Cueco, Brock, and Esperi arrived. There were more of Frieza's species arriving on the planet, and there was no way anyone was going to let them blow it up. There were a total of five Frost Demons who had decided to show up.

"WHO ARE YOU?" shouted Brock, secretly charging up his new move. The Frost Demons stared at the eight-year-old, confused. They didn't recognize him at all, but Brock didn't care. "ANSWER THE KAMIDARN QUESTION!"

"Uh... I'm Froza. You're the group of people who killed my cousin?" said one of them.

"I'M BURRZY!" shouted the shortest one. "WHO KILLED MY BIG BRO? HUH? YOU'RE MEAN IF YOU DID!"

Another one of them sighed. "Burrzy, sweetie, calm down. We'll have our revenge for Frieza, don't worry. I suppose it's only fair you know the names of your killers, so my name is King Cold."

"Queen Frostia. No, you may not call me Elsa. That's my sister."

"Eh. Whatever. My name's Cooler. Also, why did I have to come?"

"Shut up, Cooler," said King Cold. Brock decided he'd launch his attack now.

"EXPLODING PICKLE THROW!" shouted Brock, throwing a green, pickle-shaped ki blast at King Cold. The Frost Demon king was caught off guard, so he got a pickle in the face, which did some major damage. Screaming in rage, Queen Frostia launched herself at the child. However, Imo stepped in, her hair glowing and sticking straight up.

"What?" asked Kakarot, confused. How was Imo also a Super Saiyan? Didn't that only happen every one thousand years? How come he didn't know about this?

"Anything Kakarot can do, I can do better!" declared Imo, smirking at the now-dead Queen Frostia. Shrugging, Kakarot went Super Saiyan, too, and finished off the wounded King Cold. Cooler turned around, picked up Burrzy, and flew back into the ship.

"I told them this was a bad idea," he sighed, launching the ship and leaving Froza behind.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" shouted the abandoned Frost Demon. That was when a Super Saiyan lept out of the bushes, terrifying the poor cousin of Frieza. Little Ranch was in awe.

"Lotsa glowy hair!" the one-year-old giggled.

"Y-yeah..." stammered Esperi, staring at the mysterious Super Saiyan. Why she never knew about her mother's capabilities as a Super Saiyan, she didn't know. The mysterious man looked confused as if this wasn't what he was expecting. Brock walked up to Froza.

"I'm Brock! Be my friend and agree not to blow up Earth or suffer the Spinny Masenko and the same fate as your aunt and uncle!"

"That was... eloquent..." Esperi sighed. The mysterious stranger was looking around frantically as if something was amiss. Esperi was pretty sure this Super Saiyan was lost.

"Um... I'll be your friend and please don't kill me?" Froza squeaked, staring at the three Super Saiyans in sheer terror.

"Okay!" shouted Brock happily, launching himself at Froza, giving the Frost Demon a hug. Froza fidgeted uncomfortably. Everyone stared at the scene, dumbfounded. That was when Vegeta and Bulma arrived. Everyone's attention turned to the couple.

"WHAT?!" shouted Vegeta. "THREE SUPER SAIYANS? WHY CAN'T I BE ONE? ANYTHING THESE LOW-CLASS CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER!" The Saiyan Prince's hair flashed golden for a brief second. Ranch laughed.

"Fow Supa Saiyas! Wow!" she giggled, pointing at Vegeta's hair.

"What? Why are you laughing at me, brat?!" he shouted, his hair and eyes turning golden and sea green, respectively. The mysterious stranger was just staring at Vegeta, who was carrying Bulma bridal style.

"Okay, can anyone else go Super Saiyan and has been hiding it from us?" asked Raditz, annoyed. Umber slowly raised his hand, embarrassed. Cueco raised an eyebrow.

"Fi!" said Ranch. Tien raised his hand, and everyone turned to him.

"You're not a saiyan, though?" asked Umber.

"My race has several abilities you wouldn't know about. Including a transformation (that @That moron made up, thx btw). The name of the transformation roughly translates to Golden Eyes, which, I'll be honest, isn't that great of a name, but at least it's better than something stupid like Super Three-Eyed Person."

The mysterious stranger just blinked in response. He was pretty confused, noted Esperi. She wondered where he came from. She decided to ask.

"Hey, mister. Who are you? Where'd you come from and how'd you unlock Super Saiyan?" she asked in a single breath. The man looked down at her.

"Um... I'm... uh..." the man stuttered. It looked like he was trying to come up with an excuse.

"Okay, listen. I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," cried Esperi, flying up in the man's face. He backed away and tripped over a rock. Brock started laughing at him. Gohan stepped between Esperi and the man.

"Look, Esperi, I'm sure he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this! You don't have to scare the poor guy!" Gohan argued. Esperi glared at him and, for the first time in their history of knowing each other, Gohan didn't cower and back down. He stood his ground, albeit shaking a little. Everyone else turned to the scene. Meanwhile, Froza had slipped away, but no one noticed.

Kakarot stepped towards the man and helped him up. "Hi, I'm Goku! My saiyan friends call me Kakarot!" said Kakarot. The man gratefully took his hand. Esperi gave her best glare towards Kakarot, but it didn't phase him, since he'd married Chi-Chi and grown up knowing Imo. "This is my brother, Raditz, my sister-in-law, Launch, my niece, Ranch, and my son, Gohan! My wife Chi-Chi is at home. That's my best friend Krillin over there! That's Yamcha and Puar, and over there's Tien, Chiaotzu, and Umber! That's Umber's brother Cueco and his wife Imo! You've already met their kids, Brock and Esperi," Kakarot rambled. "That's Bulma, and the guy holding her is Vegeta! Oh! And I almost forgot Piccolo! He's the green guy. What's your name?"

"Uh... can I talk to you privately?" asked the man.

"No!" shouted Esperi. "Anything you have to say you can say in front of all of us! We're a team!" The man sighed.

"Fine," he said. "I can't tell you my name. I'm a time-traveller, and I might risk not being born. Although, it looks like multiverse theory is true, since about half of you never existed in my timeline."

"Why'd ya time travel?" asked Brock.

"Because about a month before the world-destroying androids showed up, Goku, or, as about half of you call him, Kakarot, died of a heart virus. As you probably already know, the Dragon Balls can't ressurect you if you die of natural causes. In my timeline, Goku/Kakarot was the only Super Saiyan. Every one of you who existed fell to the androids, except my mother, my master, Gohan, and a baby me. Gohan unlocked Super Saiyan when his master, Piccolo, was killed by the androids. I joined him in fighting the androids when I was old enough. Unfortunately, he lost his arm saving my life one day. Even later than that, I lost him, causing me to unlock Super Saiyan. Sadly, no one has been able to defeat the androids, making it imperative that I warn the past versions of my mother and master's friends and family of the incoming threat, and give Goku this. It doesn't look like you'll be needing much help, though, considering even without me you have four Super Saiyans."

Everyone stood in silence for a while, before Esperi finally spoke up. "That's a lot of trauma," she said, staring at him. "You're welcome to help, anyway. Heck, we'll even help defeat your timeline's androids! I'm sure even with four Super Saiyans we could use the help! Besides, have you ever considered that there might be timeline differences other than a lot of us not existing? There could be an even bigger threat coming! Or a lot of androids that exist in this timeline that don't in your own! They'll also probably be stronger considering that there's a lot more information to draw from!"

The man smiled awkwardly at her. Then Bulma cleared her throat.

"Is now a bad time to tell you that Vegeta and I are getting engaged?" asked Bulma. Everyone stood still for a moment before congratulating the happy couple. Vegeta pouted.

Part 12

Brock was delighted to announce that he'd been diagnosed with ADHD to the entirety of the Z Fighters the day the androids were supposed to appear. Esperi promptly facepalmed.

"Well, that explains a lot..." muttered Piccolo. Krillin silently nodded in agreement.

"I could've told you that," Bulma commented. Vegeta just grunted, pretending to know what ADHD meant. Umber, however, was curious enough to ask what it meant.

"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!" Brock cried proudly. Suddenly, Bulma held up a baby.

"By the way, this is Trunks," Bulma announced. After everyone congratulating her and Vegeta (except for Yamcha and Puar, because Yamcha was still sad), the androids arrived.

"Seriously? Did we just happen to attack the Z Fighters' baby shower?" asked Android 20.

"I have ADHD!" Brock told Androids 19 and 20. 19 looked confused. 20 facepalmed.

"You're just now finding this out?" asked 20.

"So, are we gonna fight now, or what?" asked Brock. The androids smirked.

"Yes, yes we are," replied 20.

"Alright, guys! It's time!"

First, Imo went Super Saiyan. Then Umber. Then Vegeta. Then Raditz. Then Kakarot. Then Brock and Esperi. Finally, Gohan went Super Saiyan.

"You can turn your hair yellow?" Android 20 asked.

"How dare you! This is the legendary transformation of our race! The Super Saiyan!" Vegeta cried.

"You have transformations other than Oozaru?" asked 20.

"Yes!" Vegeta said indignantly. Then, he proceeded to attack 19. Everyone flew into battle, even four-year-old Ranch. 19 was swiftly defeated, but right before Kakarot was going to land the finishing blow on 20, he collapsed, prompting Imo to start screaming at him for not taking his medicine. Imo then picked him up and took him to his house where he'd left it. 20 escaped while this was happening, and everyone chased after him.