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  • Guysponge22

    NEW BLOG?! Anyhow, here's some stuff I find important and other s#%^ that doesn't really matter but its news.

    First, Happy New Year! Because of the new year, I wanted something epic-from-last-year related. So as part of it two things:

    1. First, what is your resolution for the new year? Mine is be much nicer to people around me. I chose that because I realized how non-informed and uncaring I was with the community, so yeah...
    2. Second, what was your favorite thing about 2012? Mine is... Gangnam Style, I'm sorry, but it is. I've had it stuck in my head for some time too.

    So, if anyone has cared to notice, we have gotten a f--lemme rephrase that--ton of users lately. So, what are the cons, and pros?

    Pros (IMO):

    1. More users, means more active wiki
    2. Bigger …

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  • Guysponge22

    Sooooo, here it is! The 2012 Banner Awards winners are about to be announced (VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY LATE). And well, I have nothing else to write, sooo:

    Callan's Picks:

    3. Numbuh's Banner

    2. Nomad's Banner (Original)

    1. Cookie's Banner

    Runner-Up: Callan's Banners

    My Picks:

    3. Bulba's Zarbon Banner

    2. Nomad's Original Entry

    1. Assassin's TUK Banner

    Runner Up: Callan's Banners (b/c he's a judge, he cannot count in the top three)

    Well, those were our favorites. What were yours? And should we make another banner awards next year? Post in the comments!

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  • Guysponge22

    I have to say two things, and, if you saw the "title"... don't judge:

    1. We need more GRAMMAR PROJECT members! Even though I am currently not a member, I still do think we need more than just two members. If you want to join, your primary contact is Shakuran13, your secondary contact is SaiyanElite.

    2. I will be leaving Wikia for some time due to school-related matters. Because of this, please do not try to message me as I will of course not be available. Thank you for your consideration.

    That's it for now, so, ciao!

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  • Guysponge22

    So... in the past few years, many sequels/midquels/prequels/remakes have been made, so what's next?

    My guesses:

    • Taken 3
    • Transformers 4 (Wait, it's happening?!)
    • Land Before Time 21
    • Scooby-Doo! Halloween
    • Goonies 2

    Inspired from Smosh's Stupid Movie Sequels video:

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  • Guysponge22

    Top Three DBZ/DB games

    August 14, 2012 by Guysponge22

    Hello, once again, users! Here's another DBZ-related blog, which is also a game-related blog. Today we'll be talking about the top three DBZ/DB video games in our opinion. The games I rate today are based on the three following categories: Story, Gameplay, and Likability (I hope I spelled that right).

    3. Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo (AKA Dragon Ball: World's Greatest Adventure)

    • Story - The story is pretty much solituded to one saga, King Piccolo saga. The story is really cool, and goes way in depth on the saga, containing more secrets and character fights then in any other adaptation of the dark saga. However, that's the problem. The game only focuses on one saga, so you won't experience the entire series.
    • Gameplay - The controls are…
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