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Hello, once again, Dragon Ball Wiki! My name is Gohan347, and I'm here to ask you a question.... (100 internet points to anyone who gets that reference. HINT: It has to do with a game very high on this list.) 

What are your Top Ten favorite Video Games? It's a simple question, nothing to lose sleep over (though, I had to think for tens of minutes about mine). 

As you think of your own, why not see mine? It should be right below these words... Please read it... (possibly with a cherry on top)? I NEED TO TELL YOU MY OPINION!  

(NOTE: There will be ties, and more than one game per franchise. So it's a bit more than a top ten list. Also, I'm probably the biggest fan of RPGs ever, so expect loads of RPGs on here.) 

10: Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)- I bet lots of you have never heard of this game, and that's unfortunate. This is a game that, if you love RPG's of any kind or just INSANELY difficult games in general, it's for you. It has an excellent story, characters, gameplay, and it has to be THE SINGLE most diffucult RPG I've ever heard. Seriously, only for those who have RPG experience (See what I did there?)  

9: Jak and Daxter/ Jak 2/ Jak 3 (PS2/PS3)- Yes, this a tie between all of the original Jak games, and for good reason. I love all 3 of these games equally, I simple can't choose. These were some of the first games I ever played, and I continue to replay them today, that's something to say. If you haven't tried them, get the HD Collection and experience them for yourself. I, myself, don't have a PS3, but I prefer the original versions anyways. (YOU CAN'T DRAW ME IN WITH INPROVED GRAPHICS AND SPECIAL EDITIONS!!!)  

8: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)- I LOVE this game, like WAY too much. I borrowed this game from a friend, weeks later he wanted it back, so I ended up giving him one of my games to keep it. (I NEVER do that, so it was a special occasion). I've spent countless hours of my life slaying giant beast on land, and huge fish in the rather beautiful ocean. I like how you have to actually GET better at the game, instead of leveling up, and getting better equipment is key. I plan to get the remake coming out for the Wii U, once I get my hands on one. (OKAY, THIS TIME YOU CAN DRAW ME IN WITH IMPROVED GRAPHICS AND SPECIAL EDITIONS!!!)  

7: The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)- Another game was suppose to be here, but then I played this masterpiece. I LOVE the Walking Dead... err, the T.V Show... WAIT! I also like the comics (I only have the first 5 reprinted issues, though). I also love video games, and when I heard that there was a not SHOOOOOOOOT ZOOOOOOMBIEZ AND WIIIIIIIIN! game based on it, I knew I needed to play it. I got the disc version of it (it's originally split up into 5 episodes for digital download on Xbox Live and I THINK Steam.), it was also only 30 bucks, which made me very happy. I didn't really know that much about it, but I still went in with big hopes... and expectations. Let's just say, those were both met. It has a very good, well written story and it's basicly a game full of quick time events (not to the extent of games like Indigo Prophecy... well, there's actually ONLY ONE game like that... besides Heavy Rain.) You play as a guy who is about to get arrested, but the zombie apocolypse happens right when that does, so yeah.... You get out of that. You meet and help survivors. Especially a little girl, who stays with you the whole game, not like an escort, though. That's the VERY basics of it. It's not very 'fun' to play, but the story WILL suck you in, which is why I kept playing it. You feel a bit helpless, like a normal person would, and the game world and it's characters fell JUST like it should, if it were real. It has cell-shaded graphics, because, it's a bit more based on the comics then the show. It's my favorite game of 2012, and is truely one of the best video game stories ever told. If you like the show, or comics, or wonderful stories at all, go play it for yourself.  

6: Final Fantasy IX/ Final Fantasy XII (PS1/PS2)- I feel that these two are the most underrated of ALL the Final Fantasy games. I'll talk about IX first. This game is what Final Fantasy games should be like, a fantasy adventure epic about friendship, saving the world, wadda wadda (Heck, even the CREATOR of Final Fantasy said that), I like steam-punk and more modern setted games as much as the next guy, but it's Final FANTASY, not Final SCIENCE FICTION! It's just a wonderful game, and my personal favorite PS1 game. Now on to XII, then. This game is my personal "Gaming Gulity Pleasure", I just LOVE this game (I even got the Collector's Edition). I'm not one against MMO style, but I didn't really enjoy XI for more than a month or so, but XII does it SO WELL! The game is a blast to play, the battles are smooth and enjoyable (no other RPG has made me want to KILL EVERY ENEMY I SEE). The story is pretty solid, with good characters (Balthier is up there as one of my favorite gaming smartasses) and themes. I like how the "main" character (Vaan) takes kind of a back seat with the relationship of 2 other chacters (Much better love-story plot than VIII) and the main goal of it all. That's "all" I have to say about the two games. If you like Final Fantasy, or RPGs in general, and haven't played these before... Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done (or haven't done, really), then when time out is over, go buy the games. 

5: Tales of Symphonia/ Skies of Arcadia (GameCube/Dreamcast)- Originally, Tales of Symphonia was going to be number 5, but then I saw my copy of Skies of Arcadia lying around and remembered how awesome it is. Then I had a self-debate on which was better.... I could not decide. TOS is-- You know what? These games leave me speechless, I seriously can't come up with words that can decribe their amazingness. If you like games at all, go out and find these games somewhere. They're both RPGs and long ones. SOA took me about 40+ hours, and TOS well over 75 hours (it even boast about how long it is on the back of the case). TOS can be found on the GameCube, and SOA is on the Dreamcast, and was ported with some extras (nothing special) to the GameCube. So, whatever you got, I suppose.  

4: Shenmue (Dreamcast)- Shenmue is a game I completely forgot about until, with Skies of Arcadia, I found it lying around in my Dreamcast box, so I decided to play it again. The game is a wonderful narritive, but not that great of an actual "game", most of the "action" is in quick time events and when you are fighting, it's in a small space, and all you do is MASH BUTTONS, WIIIIIIN!!!11!!!! though, sometimes it is fun (especially during the end). Were the game is at it's strongest is with it's story, it's one of the best in any media, IMO. The journey of Ryu to find out just who the people are who killed his father is interesting, there are many twists and turns (OF THE PLOT KIND!), and the ending is satisfying in that it makes you think bigger and better things are to come, along with new challenges. I think it's wonderful narrative, the gameplay is simple, but effective, and the fight scenes CAN be fun, but only when they feel like giving you a cool fight. 

3: Bioshock (Xbox 360)- Woah, talk 'bout a C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Most of the games up until now have been RPG's, but a game... in FIRST PERSON, where you SHOOT people (Most of you should know I despise FPS games), though Bioshock... is a very special game. A friend gave me this game for a birthday present, without really telling me anything about it. I saw on the back that it was a 'Shoot-'N-Loot' game, and had powers called 'Plasmids'. I went into with it low expectations, and even lower hopes it would be anymore than SHOOT EVERYTHING AND WIIIIIIIIIN!!1!! I want go back to the past, slap myself, spit on me, then kick myself in balls, pull me back up and scream "YOU FOOLISH FOOL!"... aside from my odd, self torturing fantasies... I was blown away. The game has the most simple combat mechanics, and it works SO WELL! There's several ways to play, using different Plasmids and weapons (I, myself, prefer to use the 'Shock-N-Wack' style. Using Electro-Bolt and the wrench to shock enemies, then beat them to death. SO SATISFYING!!), I talked to my friends (who also enjoy the game) and we talked about all the ways we kill Splicers and went about the Big Daddies (the main enemies of the game). That's not even talking about the AMAZING story. The BEST story I've ever had the pleasure to experience. I ADORE this game's fairly complex story, with the different back stories, the characters, and every creppy bit of literature the game throws at you, it also boast my favorite WTF Plot Twist in any game and my favorite charcter death in ANY MEDIA (and they both happen within 30 seconds of each other). Just, go play this game.... or should I say... Would You Kindly go play Bioshock? ( P.S: Bioshock 2 is pretty good, too, but I say the original is nearly 100 times better) (P.S.S: I heard the game is a reimagining of the book 'Atlas Shrugged' and since I love the game's plot so much, I've been listening to the audiobook version of it [at part five out of... ninty..]. It probably wasn't intended for someone my age [going on 14] to read, but I'm a bit 'mature-for-my-age', I hate when people say that, but it is fairly true, I get most of what's in it and am interested in what opinions the book presents. Most people my age would read one page and say 'Lulz wut? Swag YOLO [It hurt to type those fowl words], I'm reading this big stupid book. #onmyiPhone' *sigh* I hate other people my age, so much... also those younger than me...and older than me [IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT THAT MY GENERATION IS FULL OF IDIOTS!!].) 

2: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2)- I seem to have this odd obsession with the Shin Megami Tensei series of games. If you don't know, SMT is a sort of franshise-y thing of games, with a bunch of mini-series within it (i.e: Digital Devil Saga series, Devil Summoner Series, etc. [I just noticed how much the games deal with devils]) , but the most popular and IMO the best series is that of the Persona series. A series of games with the best central theme in ALL of them, 'Learning how to deal with who you are' and maybe it's because I'm a teenager, and started playing the games when I was in an odd time in my life, but the games boast the best characters and character development in ANY game series... or ANY MEDIA in general. This has already gotten PERSONA...L (see what I did there?) and I haven't even talked about Persona 3 FES yet. Persona 3 was a good game, with a good story, and good gameplay, but it had a couple problems.... Then FES happened. Persona 3 FES is the almighty, OMG, fix-up to any game ever (even in Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 better-versions that were released) it fixed most of the A.I problems I had in the original, they got rid of that stupid thing that if you stay too long in a dungeon, you get 'tired' (a status effect). Also, did I mention.... THEY ADDDED IN 30+ HOURS OF NEW CONTENT!! Yes, after you get through with the original game (DAT amazing final boss!) you get a new 30+ hour long 'mini-story'... ah, the days before useless DLC. I won't say much more, but if you're interested in the Persona games and wanna try P3, get the FES version, you'd be doing yourself a favor. EDIT: Also, there's a PSP version, that's the FES version, too. (P.S: I had about 80 hours in the original game, and 30+ more with FES. So, brace yourself for a LONG game, if you decide to play it.)            

And now....  my number one favorite game ever created ever... the BEST sequel of ALL time.... 

NUMBER ONE:Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PS2)- I know some of you MAY have seen this coming. This game is... perfect. I've never said that about any game before, but literally EVERYTHING is so perfect. The battle system is flawless, the story is the most immersive of anything I've experienced (I'll be raving about the story in a second), the SOUNDTRACK is amazing (the game comes with the first half of the games soundtrack, the other is harder to find.), I cannot find a single flaw for this game. The thing I love most about this game is the characters, they even make a busty teenage anime girl an enduring character (of whom I usually despise. Usually the bigger their unholy chest is, the more hate comes. Saying that, I'm sure someone's going to question my sexuality, cuz I'mma man and I need to love boobies!). All the characters are messed up in someway (Just like the real world!). My personal favorites are Chie and Yosuke, with Kanji (he never admits it in the English version, but he's gay. I think it's about time a video game character like him comes along. You can even have passionate butsecks with him, though there's only a text bubble with a blank screen and no sound.) The battles are very fun, it's a turn-based RPG and very startegic. I would compare the Persona system of battle like a demonic version of Pokemon. You can combine different Persona to make new ones and if you don't want to get rid of your awesome Persona, you can save it with a small fee... man, they thought of everything! The most BASIC way to explain the plot is that you're trying to find a murderer, whose been kidnapping people who watch the Midnight Channel, and trap their minds within it, where you go to save them. But, hey, you got school and social things to get done, you modern-day Japanese schoolboy! When you're not inside the T.V, you go to school, work, and can hang out with other characters, but don't get to caught up in it all, because if you don't the victims in time, they die, sonny! and you get to go back a week earlier, losing all your progress inside the dungeon, but not everything else (your Persona, Money, and relationships stay the same). It's an amazing game that I could go on and on about, but look at this 'paragraph' above (it's the size of 3). You can find this wonderous game on the PS2, and a remake was recently released for the PS Vita, but I have no comment on that, as I don't have a Vita and don't plan on getting one soon. 

Well, this list is kind of a mess. I hope you enjoyed my opinion (I bet most said 'TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ!'). Again, what are your top ten games? You can give me a comment... or a reply blog, if you want to go on as long as me with it. What did you think of my list? Maybe another comment is in order. I'd really like to know what you guys gots to say. Enjoy your life after reading this! Peace! *flies off into the distance, with rainbows behind me* (P.S: I apologise if theres a lot of typos and what not. I proofread it like 8 times, but I'm terrible at finding mistakes in anything I write.... That sounded a little deep..)  (P.S.S: It's also my birthday today! YAY! I wrote this about a week ago, and never got to post it.) 

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