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I'm not sure if anyone on this wiki even remembers me. But, I know I haven't been on in... I dunno, several months, I can't even remember. But, I'm back (I can hear a crowd going "BOOOOOO!" with a Classic Spongebob "You stink!") and am going to start being on the Wiki again, but still not as much as I used to. Over the course of the summer, I've watched Welcome to the N.H.K and Azumanga Daioh, started listening to Vocaloid, got my first Apple Ipod (Generation 3, I think), got addicted to a site called , and had to go to Summer School (I'm in the 8th grade, now!).

To make this Dragon Ball related, I recently bought the Vegeta Ultimate Kai Series figure off of Amazon, but I'm wondering if I should get Goku or Piccolo next, any suggestions?

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