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Hi! What's your name based of and why you picked it?


Well, my 1st name was GenkiDamaXL. It's, as it makes some sense, based of Genki Dama, Spirit Bomb in Japanese. XL presents Extreme Legend, aka power of GenkiDama. I picked it because SB is very cool!

My 2nd name was Spirit Bomb. Don't be confused with this "thingie", because that's not, it never was and it will never be me. So, it's stupid to answer why I picked it.

My 3rd and current username, Hunter Kakashi. It's combined of Hunter and Kakashi, as it's obvious. Kakashi is my favorite character from Naruto and I think he's cool (much cooler than Guy :D). Hunter sounds mystic and ect, so I picked that !