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If they made a new Dragon Ball game with all the characters, this would be Lord Slug's moveset. Aside from regular attacks and Ki Blasts, here are his special abilities and techniques. The attacks can be swapped, like in the Raging Blast series and other games. He has three forms: Base, Great Namekian, and Majin/Ghost Warrior.

Finger Beam

(Used in Base, Great Namekian, and Majin)

Never Mess With Lord Slug

Darkness Eye Beam

(Used in Base, Great Namekian, and Majin.)


Big Masher

(Used in Base and Majin)

Slug blasted piccolo

At least, I think this is the attack.

Darkness Twin Star

(Used in Base)


It should fly around and hit the opponent as a homing attack.

Energy Shield

(Used in Base and Majin)



(Used in Base and Majin)

No image here, but he uses it in the movie.


(Used in Base)

No image either.

Explosive Wave

(Used in Base, Great Namekian, and Majin)

Lord Slug Has No Mercy

I don't know if this is a Ki Blast or an Explosive Wave.


(Used in Base)

Old Slug

Pulls the opponent towards him so he can attack.

Sai Sai

(Used in Base, Great Namekian, and Majin)


Restores the equivalent of one fourth of a health bar.

Now You Die!

(Used in Base)

Slug goes in for the kill

Punch to face, a kick to the neck, knee to the chin, punch to the stomach (Seen here)...


...the punch knocks the opponent over, picks them up, charges a blast, and pushes it into their chest.

Open Fire

(Used in Base)

Slug Minions Blasts

Kicks opponent away, then summons soldiers to blast the opponent.

Ultimate 1: Minions of Slug

(Used in Base)


First he summons his clan.

Wings and Angila attack Gohan

Wings and Angila knee the opponent.


Angila grabs, Zeeun and Wings punch, and Medamatcha and Lord Slug combine Evil Comet and Darkness Twin Star.

Ultimate 2: Power of Darkness

(Used in Base)


Goku Dodges Lord Slug's Darkness Eye Beam

Super Explosive Wave

(Used in Great Namekian and Majin)

Got no images because he doesn't use it in the anime.

Pump Up

(Used in Great Namekian)

No images here.

Grand Masher

(Used in Great Namekian)

Giant Lord Slug Energy Wave

Titanic Punch

(Used in Great Namekian)


Basically just a giant punch.

Dark Gale

(Used in Great Namekian)


A giant purple Kiai.

Ultimate 3: Darkness Blaster

(Used in Great Namekian)


Ultimate 3: I'll Kill You a Thousand Times!

(Used in Majin)

Slug grabs piccolo 2.0

As he starts the attack, he blocks and grabs a punch.

Slug kicks picccolo

He kicks the opponent away.

Slug punchs piccolos

Then he uses Mystic Attack to punch the opponent.

Slug picoclo

Finally, he punches the opponent away.

I hope you liked it! Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section.