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WARNING: This will contain spoilers of the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F

After opening up a hole new world of posibilities in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F was a personal let down after so much hype. BoG brought new very interesting concepts in the DB universe (more than 12 universes, new interesting characters, gods and god transformations) but FnF didn't bring anything at all. I belive that FnF was focused more on humor than anything else, and that was a real let down.

Unlike BoG, FnF brings nothing new to the DB universe except for the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation and the Golden Frieza evolution (The Golden evolution not important in the very least). The SSGSS transformation could have been easily implemented in Dragon Ball Super since SSGSS is kind of transforming into a SSJ after having acquired the power of a god. They could have simply not made FnF. Think about it, if FnF had never happened absolutely no important event/character development/anything would have mattered in the very least.

Plot wise, the movie was very disapointing. Partly beacause this movie wasn't serious(it was more humoristic and stupid than anything else). It was also obvious, from the very begining of the fight, that Frieza stood absolutely no chance of defeating Goku and Vegeta, mainly because he was weaker than Beerus and Whis. Even after Goku was badly wounded by Sobret, the first thing that came into my mind was that they still had one senzu bean left(as stated by Krillin a few minutes before) and that even if Goku was killed by Golden Frieza (thanks to Sobret), Vegeta would have kicked his ass(since both Goku and Vegeta are equally as powerful). This movie would have been much better if they hadn't gone back in time(Fucking shit Whis is so fucking OP). If the movie had ended with the destruction of planet Earth, instead of going back in time, then they could have continued the movie in Dragon Ball Super(Besides we will always have the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Earth, then we revive Dende and form there we brin back the inhabitants of Earth thanks to Dende's Dragon Balls) and it I personally would have loved the cliffhanger. But NO they had to go back in time to make the hole point of making this movie POINTLESS.

Nevertheless, this movie wasn't all Bad. We did get to see the new SSGSS transformation, and that brought up many arguments in forums about how many times does it increase one's power, speed and so on. Which one is stronger: the SSJ4 or the SSGSS. And the fact that Frieza is a podigy is something Frieza fans gladly welcome(for months training, his evolution...). Another good thing is the fighting sences, which are pretty badass, worth watching and your money.

WARNING: From now on you will see my Fanboy hatred towards the movie.

As a major Frieza fan(or fanboy) I feel insuled to the very core of my being. They brought back Frieza just to kill him again: What's the fucking point in doing that?! Goku and Vegeta mocked Frieza from the very begining, they took turns in fighting him, and what's worse is that when Frieza final "won"(not really 'cause Goku was still alive) Whis, the most OP character in anything, went back in time to help Goku save the Earth. Not to mention that 70% of Frieza's drawings in his 4th form sucked. See! total Frieza fanboy stuff that you probably don't care about

All and all I give this movie a 4/10. It had so much potential, but the movie was executed in a horrible way. What do you guys think about the movie?

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