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  • I live in the soul of every American boy and girl
  • My occupation is adventurer and petty larcenist
  • I am highly combustable
  • Flamedude22

    As some of you will have noticed I've been gone for 2 whole months, and as some of you will assume I've been on vaction, and as all of you should be able to figure out is I'm back home. I don't how seriously I'll be back on. So yeah, a blog might not be necci-something, but when has that stopped me before.

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  • Flamedude22

    So I was like why the heck not? I never do wiki trend things, lets do it this time I said in the conversation I had with myself. So since I've been playing all the Metal Gear games CONSTANTLY over the last few week I decieded that would be a great topic! Now start betraying each other!

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  • Flamedude22

    So yesterday I was wandering around the internet like an idiot... like usual, then I found this It's awesome and you should do it! No one will ever guess mine!

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  • Flamedude22

    Let the RP begin!!!

    April 7, 2012 by Flamedude22

    Sorry about the delay but here it is!

    • Iaes- Flamedude22
    • Teen Gohan- ZtapionZ
    • Vegeta- Mrs.Vegeta
    • Future Trunks- SaiyanAwesomeness
    • Krillin- Numbuh424
    • Pan(Involentary shutter)- Guysponge22
    • Piccolo- Gotek
    • Colonel Myhgo- Gotek
    • Ultimate Gohan- Gohanssj3

    The Galactic Death Lord, Iaes, and his right hand man Colonel Myhgo, have come to earth, more specificly Kame House, to take revenge on the on the person who killed his family, Frieza, Cooler, and King Cold. The only problem is he doesn't know who did it.

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  • Flamedude22

    Alternate DBZ

    April 3, 2012 by Flamedude22

    So, I thought what if DBZ went diffrently. I decided to make up my own. Here's a list of events that would of changed:

    • Nappa wouldn't of died in the Saiyan invasion, and would of made his escape with Vegeta.
    • The two would of gone to planet Namek for the dragon balls, they would of bumped into Zarbon first, after a brief fight, a loosing Zarbon would call for Dodoria who would attack them from behind, then Zarbon would yell for Dodoria to get out of the way, then he would fire a giagantic elegant blaster, Nappa would be killed on impact, Vegeta would be paralized and severly burned. Dodoria would not be fast enough to ecscape the entire blast and be choped in half, he would die in Zarbon's arms. A heartbroken Zarbon would leave.
    • Once Dende, Kr…
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