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I've seen some people lately being confused about what the word troll means. Troll is internet slang for somebody who annoys and/or cleverly tricks you. The troll takes pleasure in doing so. A troll is NOT somebody who insults you. For example:

Real Troll: "Hey guys, go to 10X's page and curse at him. He loves that!"

Wanna-be troll: "U IS RETARD! F**K URSELF!"

See the difference?

If somebody insults your blog or something, they are not a troll. Also, I should tell you that if you call a troll a "troll" or insult them in any way, then they will be happy becuase they know that you noticed them. Don't insult a troll, play along with them. If you see a troll, tell them something like "Wow, you're a great troll!" or something like that. This will make them mad, because they want you to get mad and rage in caps, not call them good and praise them. 

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