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  • I live in Your closet.
  • My occupation is being Emperor, School, Reading both Manga, and books, Watching Anime and Cartoons
  • I am the Eternal Dragon, State your Wish. And obviously I'm a male dragon
  • EmperorPeelaugh575

    Bye Guys!

    January 6, 2013 by EmperorPeelaugh575

    I'm sorry to say, but I'm leaving. Thanks for everything you guys! See ya!

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  • EmperorPeelaugh575

    Cell and Frieza at their strongest team up against Majin Buu. By Majin Buu I mean the first Buu that the Z Fighters faced (otherwise known as Fat Buu, Good Buu, or Mr. Buu.). I think that the battle will be close, but that Majin Buu might win by a tiny bit, but 100% Full Power Frieza and Super Perfect Cell might come up on top.

    Who do you think will win? Leave a comment with your answer.

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  • EmperorPeelaugh575

    I'm Back! again

    January 1, 2013 by EmperorPeelaugh575

    Hi guys nice to see you it has been awhile. As the name implies, I am back on the wiki, so expect to see me more. I know this will be bad news for some.

    hope you have a great 2013.

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  • EmperorPeelaugh575

    I will be on a leave of absence for a while, so see you then, and if you leave a message on my talk page, don't expect a reply for awhile. I'm not completely sure how long it will be, but don't ask, and all i will say is that it's personal buisness. See you then, Bye!

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  • EmperorPeelaugh575

    Which do you like better between these two. Which do you think has better story, art, action, romance, drama, comedy, Characters, and Character Development.. And just to clarify, bye comics i mean like U.S. Comics. Here's how it is for me

    Story: Tie

    Art: Manga

    Action: Tie

    Romance: Manga

    Drama: Manga


    Characters: Tie

    Character Development: Manga

    Now it might look like I like Manga ALOT better, but I still like Comics ALOT.

    But Anyways which do you like better

    Leave a comment on your answer

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