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  • Vegeta and Irico finally land on Yardrat and are welcomed by a commotion of the locals about their presence.
  • Vegeta explains to the Yardrat elder that he is an ally/a friend of "the Saiyan whom they taught the Instant Transmission years aago" to earn their trust, and about Moro and his power and asks the elder to teach him a technique that can counter Moro's black magic.
  • The Yardrat assigns his best pupil (perhaps Soba) to help Vegeta in his training, while Irico contacts the Galactic Patrol HQ (where Buu is still asleep) about their recent trip and plan.
  • After devouring that GT monsters' planet which is finally named since Toriyama designed it in 1996 (and we also learn some of the other prisoners' names - this time it's the 3 females who conquered the planet), Moro and his army of escaped prisoners attack and rob other planets inhabited by races we saw in the past (to stall the climax a bit longer; my bet is on Maraikoh whom Toyotaro seemed to enjoy drawing back in the Resurrection 'F' manga or Tapkar/Torbie's races), Saganbo refers to Cranberry and asks whatever happened to him (Moro is either replying sincerely or lying that he was killed in battle); very low chances they'll throw in a Frieza or Broly reference or cameo here regarding the rampage of Moro's gang.
  • Merus takes Goku to an unpopulated planet to spar at full power; Merus turns out to be on SSB tier and reveals his true story and why isn't he using ki.
  • The Maccareni gang arrives to Earth, Dende notifies Piccolo who after recalling the last time he skipped small evil ki signatures (Sorbet and Tagoma) goes to deal with them along with Gohan and Krillin.

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