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  • Dxrd
    • Vegeta and Irico finally land on Yardrat and are welcomed by a commotion of the locals about their presence.
    • Vegeta explains to the Yardrat elder that he is an ally/a friend of "the Saiyan whom they taught the Instant Transmission years aago" to earn their trust, and about Moro and his power and asks the elder to teach him a technique that can counter Moro's black magic.
    • The Yardrat assigns his best pupil (perhaps Soba) to help Vegeta in his training, while Irico contacts the Galactic Patrol HQ (where Buu is still asleep) about their recent trip and plan.
    • After devouring that GT monsters' planet which is finally named since Toriyama designed it in 1996 (and we also learn some of the other prisoners' names - this time it's the 3 females who c…
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  • Dxrd

    Instead of the not funny Pilaf Gang wishes, have Sorbet (whose power level is higher than any serving Frieza Force soldier to ensure his dominance) resurrect both Frieza (as depicted) alongside King Cold (Cold died by Future Trunks exploding him to bits, thus he was also resurrected in such condition and regenerated in the new medical machine).

    While the 2 tyrants are healing/regenerating in the medical machines, Tagoma has his talk of concern with Sorbet about the two's necessity to their army outside the room where the 2 are being treated in, but Sorbet assures him that with Frieza alone on their side they'll reconquer "70% of the known universe once again", and that Cold's strength and strategic mind can lead them even further. Tagoma r…

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  • Dxrd

    Super Sayian Goku on Namek: 150,000,000

    Sliced Frieza with Goku's ki land: 5,000,000

    Super Saiyan Future Trunks: 200,000,000

    Mecha-Frieza: 160,000,000

    King Cold: 130,000,000

    Angels of hell: ~300 each

    Sorbet: 84,000

    Tagoma: 22,500

    Shisami: 21,500

    Frog advisor: 7,500

    Other Sorbet's elites: Around 5,000 each

    Planet Trade Organization soldiers: ranges between 500 to 2,000

    Pilaf: 56

    Mai: 43

    Shu: 34

    Revived Mecha-Frieza: 2,000,000

    Piccolo (out of shape): 300,000,000

    Gohan (relaxed and out of shape): 17,000,000

    Videl: 320

    Krillin (out of shape): 14,000,000

    Satan City crooks: 6

    Tien (farming calmly - manga only): 13,000,000

    Chiaotzu (farming calmly - manga only): 2,000,000

    Frieza (fully revived, reduced to his first form - somewhat weaker): 490,000

    Frieza (1st form): 530…

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  • Dxrd

    There were two recent deleted pages: Tagoma's race & Chilled's space pirates - that were deleted due to some stupid non-logical reasons - the first page was very accurate to my taste and filled in some info about a new Planet Trade Organization]] race and the second was extremely detailed but was deleted because it had "fanon name" - should I remind u how many pages here have fan-made names till a new one replaces them (the PTO for example)? u know what, call it: "Chilled's suboridnates" if it'd make u feel better, these pages needs to return. ASAP. If not, it's ur total loss.--Dxrd (talk) 09:37, June 22, 2015 (UTC)

    Still waiting...--Dxrd (talk) 10:33, June 29, 2015 (UTC)

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