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Personally, I have been a huge fan of MLP!  Consequently, I have been doing lot's and lot's of research on MLP.  Recently I watched the season finals be aware there may be some spoilers ahead just in case you haven't seen them.  After watching them something has been really bothering me about the character Groger I found some crazy evidence that another series maybe connected to MLP and explain exactly what happened to Gorger and that series is Dragon Ball Super.  Yes, I know that you're thinking this is crazy but if you pay attention to the similarities between these characters the there is definetely a corelation!  Let me show you- a character named Moro from DBZ and MLP'S  two characters Lord Tirek and  Gorger. Moro is this new character that has been imprisoned  for a very long time he steals magic from others and is very powerful. Did you see his first appearance?  It looks exactly like Lord Tirek's first appearance!  But I don't think that Lord Tirek is Moro  to be honest.  I think that Gorger became Moro when he was banished by Star Swirl or Gusty the Great to the DBZ universe!..  This is just a theory but this could be very possible because as we know both the DBZ and MLP universes have parallel worlds in them and have the use of time travel.   This would make sense why the character Bulma made  a appearance in S5E21.  But the biggest evidence is in the Dragon Ball Super Manga where Moro say's    (" it's clear to me that no being  in this universe possesses the power to seal away my magic . How wonderful it is not to have  to fear that anymore)    I think the world that Moro is referring to Equestria where he used to be Gorger and had his powerful bell of magic stolen from him.  Now that he is banished to the DBZ universe no one know's how to stop him! .  Im sure he has  a plan to put both the MLP and DBZ universes in deep jeopardy! I think I sense a crossover somewhere in the future!!  If there is it's one where no one would ever expect!!!   What do you think????  2021?? I can see it now The Mane of Six in Universe 7 Friendship and the Universe Survival  Saga Part 1!!! LOL  see it fit's too well!!!   I know that this is just a theory but what do think?

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