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  • DrAssassin

    I figured since these are the current "Trending" blogs, I might as well try one. So, I'm pretty sure you all know how this works by now, I will tell you what Dragon Ball Z attack you are. I tried to make it Dragon Ball Related.

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  • DrAssassin

    Simple... post your best Cleverbot conversations. If you don't know what it is or haven't used it

    Also, you may try your hand against Cleveruser if you wish.

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  • DrAssassin

    Themed Banners

    April 9, 2012 by DrAssassin

    Well, as the title suggests, these are logos I made with a very distinct theme.

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  • DrAssassin

    I have been having this argument with TeamUnitedNerds and would like your opinion, if Kid Vegeta became angry enough, could he become a Super Saiyan? This is the argument:


    I will. There will be Super Saiyan Kid vegeta. I'm just wondering what the monster who kills his mother and gets defeated by his SSJ form should be Ya still there?


    Um, his mother died in the explosion of Planet Vegeta, and I really don't think it's a good idea to make a Super Saiyan Kid Vegeta, it's kind of impossible. No matter how much anger a Saiyan has, they can't transform into a Super Saiyan unless they have the power, look at Kid Gohan for example, plus, I doubt he was pure evil or pure good at that time.


    It;s a plothole yes, but Ba…

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  • DrAssassin


    March 29, 2012 by DrAssassin

    I was kind of bored, when I thought up this! There will be a series of... "Challenges", you could call them. Well, I suppose not really challenges, maybe, maybe not, whatever. Anyway. Here they are:

    • Who can make the best edited picture.
    • Who can make the best banner.
    • Who can make the best logo.
    • Who can make the best sig.
    • Who can draw the best Dragon Ball picture.
    • Who can make the best video (YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT YOURSELF!!) (this one might be removed)
    • Who can make the best fan fiction.
    • Who can make the best what-if.

    They don't have to be made just for this, it may be better if it is, makes it a bit more like a challenge, kind of. You can only enter one, OF YOUR OWN, for each category. After a while, I will make a blog post for each category so users…

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