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This is your last stand!

For your mission, pretend you are a Z-Fighter and have been through a tough battle with various opponents. Your comrade (insert name of a specific Wikia user here) has fought valiantly until their last breath, and now it's up to you. All other potential heroes have been killed or incapacitated. You are potentially on the brink of becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time. Write a monologue directed at your fallen friend as to how you are going to avenge them and prevent the antagonists from destroying your home planet, or accomplishing whatever evil mission it is they are up to. Try to make it as epic, as genuine sounding or as jarring a speech to them as possible. Winning speeches will be featured. There is no limit on speeches and you can write as many as you want, with as many situations as you please for different friends of yours.

Random link I am including, is my bro Shak's rap. Because I listened to it as I wrote my part xD:



  1. Have fun.
  2. Usual wiki rules apply.
  3. There are no other rules.


My speech (This is for you BardockGoku, my main man)

Barku...how could they have defeated you too? When you are the stronger of us both? Is there some reason I've got to make it? I feel something happening to me. I can barely move, but yet...something's building up inside me. It was all down to our group...LT, Goku, Kingsterz, Shak, Cookie, Turles...but they didn't make it. Only you and I did. Why did you have to be taken from me too?

I...I won't stand for this any more, Barku. I won't let them destroy Earth, our home! I will fight bravely to my last breath, just as you did! I'll be a hero like you! If they kill me...well at least I can see you and the others again.

No...they won't kill me! I won't take any more of this, watching my friends die in front of me. No! I won't be so helpless! My grief...my fear...my anger! It's been building up in me for so long, since the first invasion, and I won't keep it in any longer. I think it's time to show these cowardly extraterrestrials what being a warrior...what being strong...is all about! It's time I showed these guys...what happens when you mess with the wrong planet! I will avenge LT, Goku, Shak, Cookie, everyone I love! And you...I will avenge you too Barku!

- Insert epic yell and first Super Saiyan transformation here - 

End. :)


After reviewing all entries, the winners are:

1st Place: CookiePirate, with a heartbreakingly beautiful monologue that's sure to put a tear in the eye of any person, hero or villain. Congratulations, Cookie!

2nd Place: BlazeFireXXXX, for a very descriptive and emotional speech that was deeply appealing and somewhat comedic. Congratulations, Blaze!

3rd Place: Yamcha626, for a monologue that was moving and had some great diction in it! Congratulations, Yamz!

I will try and see if I can make you guys some kind of thing to put on your profiles to show off. Keep in touch for the next installment of DBZ Creative Writing Challenge!

1st Place Speech - CookiePirate


Dammit. Dammit! How could you?! How could you take away the lives of all those innocent people? Why the hell do we all have to suffer, when all we did was good? How is that fair?! Cal, Matt, and Drayden.....why did you have to leave me? Even with all your teachings, I still couldn't save my friends. What the hell is wrong with me?! Am I really this useless? Is there nothing more I could've done...

So this is the feeling. The feeling of true loneliness. Total despair. This is how it feels....to have no one.

I guess there's only one thing left for me to do. If you're going to bring us all down, I won't stop fighting until I drag you into hell with me! This is the end for you, I won't let hurt another soul!

(looks around at all deceased friends)

Barku...we were best friends, we always have been. I'm sorry it had to end this way, I wanted us to live normal lives, away from all this crap! I'll fight for you.

Kami..You were one tough lady, haha. It's surprising seeing you...like this. I thought for sure nothing would ever be able to stop a person like you. I'll fight for you, too.

Yamcah..haha, you always knew how to make me laugh. Whenever I'd get freaked out, you'd be there to make me feel better. Thank you, old friend. I'll fight for you.

Kotsu..I can't even stand to see you this way. You didn't deserve it! All you ever are is kind to people, and this is the way you die?! It's not right!! You can bet your ass I'll fight for you too.

Bulma..*cue one tear* You know what I was going to ask you today? Today, of all days you had to die. I was going to ask you to be my wife. We would've lived together, had a couple kids and grown old together. But not anymore...this bastard took that away from us...


(Cue Super Saiyan Stuff) 

2nd Place Speech - BlazeFireXXXX



How could I let him do this? I sat there in complete idocy, watching my friend Kotsu die on my knees. he protected me, he looked out for me, he cared for me, more than my own father. Why, would would I let him...die this way?

The air..it feels..so stiff..and warm..like..death...the light watches over me and Kotsu, as that merciless alien laughed in entertainment. I looked up to him, and I looked down to Kotsu. His body lay where my tears fall, and the rain fall. I felt this sudden sadness, this vulnerable shield around me, like I was being able to be touched by anyone. I sat there crying like a helpless child without his father or mother, and without a life to live. My hands became a fist, and slowly, blood descended from it's cracks. My teeth chattered in anger, sorrow and dispair, as I watched the rain dance across Kotsu's lifeless body. Along with the air, my body stiffened up, and became hard to the touch. The hairs on my body stood on end, as my aggrevation took over my body.

I saw LT, his body, surrounded by the red liquid known as blood. His eyes were still open, and his face still had his good ol' smile on it. The look of his smile made me tear up more, as I realized how stupid and foolish I was to let my friends die..then I heard LT's voice inside of my head:

"Man, even if I die, we will always be friends, remember, Open Condom Store man."

His amazing words dashed across my head as my anger boiled higher. The lightning began to rumble, and the ground began to shake. The air seemed to stop for a moment. The wind began to rapidly blow, and my body was stiffening up to the point where I couldn't move. I felt that hatred and rage inside of me, dancing up and down. My fingers marked the soft dirt on the ground..as I suddenly bursted out the words...

.......I will never..forgive you for what you've done Frieza...and I'm not gonna let...

My hair started raising on end, and that fated moment came...

I'm not gonna let...YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!

(Super Saiyan Transformation.)

3rd Place Speech - Yamcha626


SkG... You just had to die, didn't you? You couldn't have just ran, and gotten away from it all? But no, you were too brave for that. And now you... You and Kotsu and Cookie... all of them... You're all gone.

And it's not fair! The things you could have done, the people you could have met! You were too young, too good! All of you... Every one of you... This should not have happened!

And I'm sick of it! I won't watch one more person die today because this world will not burn! I'm going to stop this, I'm going to save the rest. Because if I didn't then I've failed you... This is my redemption. This is my apology for letting all of you slip away...

And to those sick freaks ready to set the world aflame, I have only one thing to say. 

You will not... You will never... Be forgiven. And I'm coming for you!

(This is where I go SSJ)

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