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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 15 January 2016

Hell with it, I'm stepping down

I was gonna go for something elaborate or touching, but really, I'll just put it bluntly. I've made the decision to formally step down from my admin position on the site. Everyone's got their reasons and some of you already know why, but it basically boils down to a few things

  1. I have a five-month old son to take care of, most importantly.
  2. I have a job now, so yeah, not quite as much time to get online when I'm not with my family.
  3. Between those two things, I've got new friends and stuff too.

It's been a pleasure working with all you admins and chatmods and I think this has...well, it's certainly been an experience of some sort. Through all the drama, the trolls, the spamming and whatnot, I think we were a pretty nifty crew. There's obviously be…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 9 July 2015



What a shocking lack of continuity from Akira, who led us to believe for THIRTY YEARS that Yamcha is human! And now all of a sudden, he thinks it's funny to turn Yamcha into a Saiyan. Just because he can.

This is why I cannot watch Resurrection F. If I do, it will only be out of my undying love to Sean Schemmel. As I've said in chat before...MAN CRUSH SINCE AGE FOUR. One does not simply not love the voice of Goku, the smoothest g in the universe.

But nowadays we have Toriyama like "Lol, let's bring Frieza back, just because I can. It doesn't have to make sense. While we're at it, let's make Yamcha an SSJ, because I can, lol."


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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 19 June 2015

GT, Resurrection F, and Super are NOT canon

because I don't like them

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 27 April 2015

power levles in debz

Goku: 9,001

Piccolo: 3,784

Gohan: 750

Roshi: 8,000

Turtel: 15,000

Krillin: 45

Yamcha: - 63

Tien: 98

Chiaotzu: 53

Raditz: 12

Saibaman: 500

Nappa: 10,035

Vegeta: 11,000

Yajirobe: 100,000

Popo: ∞

Goku: 10,001

Piccolo: 4,900

Gohan: 800

Roshi: 8,000

Turtel: 20,000

Krillin: 48

Yamcha: - 98

Tien: 100

Chiaotzu: 57

Raditz: he ded

Nappa: he ded to

Vegeta: 14,000

Yajirobe: 200,000

Popo: ∞

Cui: 14

Appule: 90,000

Guldo: 2

Recoome: 300

Burter: 500

Jeice: 10,000 cos hes and space aussie and every1 knos aussies r stronger

Ginyu: 9,000

Frog Ginyu: 300,000 becuz the frog was russian and every1 knos space russians are strong 2

Frieza 1st form: a lot

Frieza 2nd form: a lot more

Frieza 3rd form: a really alot

Frieza final form: 40,000

will ad more latar. tel me if im missing some1 in a saga.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 2 July 2014

Ask a question, get my take on it

I dunno, just felt like I should do a blog or something. So basically, just ask me a question and you will receive my 100% honest opinion. It's a pretty simple concept, but for some reason my OCD doesn't like it when blogs have descriptions this short. It bothers me. I don't know why. Maybe because it's unusual for me in most forms other than chat to write something short.

I know it's not relevant to Dragon Ball...but it could be!

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