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  • DanganronpaRein


    March 20, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    Yay, updates from Rein! To start off, I have reached over 1000 discussion posts! Yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ikr, but moment, wehifobvfewivoubwefivuob 

    Welp, my body SUX so bai

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  • DanganronpaRein


    February 4, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    Hello, Z Fighters! I am here to make some updates on what I've done on the wiki page! I've made many posts on the discussions, and I made some friends! As of now, I also have joined the Weebipedia wiki! My friend @Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin recommended it to me! I also participated in the Valentine's Day Art Contest! I put a image from my lil sisters drawing, I hope you enjoy it! That's all I got, see ya!

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  • DanganronpaRein

    Hey, fellow DBZ fans! I am officially part of this fandom! I love it to bits and I can't wait for the new season coming out this year!! I'M SO HYPED,OMFG! Anyway, ask me questions if you'd like, because I would love to answer them! My favorite character is Piccolo, because he taught Gohan the majority and he would be a great baby sitter! My favorite saga is the Cell Saga, because they introduced us to do many new characters, and had a terrifying scene that still haunts me to this day! I watch Team Four Stars DBZ Abridged, I recommend it! It'll make you laugh, put on Canada Captions if you decide to watch it!

    Well, I'll go make some edits now!

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