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I apprehend that many consider me to possess inadequate coolness and abysmal gangsterity and perceive me as an egoist dullard. The significance of such candid evaluations has left me appalled, and I will resume my quest to identify and overcome my hubris and come to terms with my incompetence. From my previous blog, the rating that this wikia community overall has given me were astonishing and discouraging, and I am notified your stark disapproval of my social mores. I am left bewildered wondering why people categorize me as one of the least cool members of this site. Deep in my curiosity, I wrote this blog to attempt to understand your general concern and reasons for your resentment towards me. So I implore you to give your individual explanations as to why you have rated me as you did. Please show the utter candor that you have displayed on my other blog, and thank you for your service.

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