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Hiya guys, happy Valentines Day! Hope you all have an awesome day, and don't be sad if you're single, you're saving a lot of money! Either way, all of you just know...
 In the spirit of the holiday I thought I would make a blog! :) So here it goes, that stupid yet slightly interesting taste all my blogs have! All Dragon Ball characters are a tad down on their luck with dating lately, so have joined a dating service to meet new people! (Sponsored in part by Capsule Corp) And you wikians need to help them on their dates! To begin, one user will put down two Dragon Ball characters who they think would either be a fantastic couple, or you just want to mess with us. Then, with the amazing minds of the wikians here, other users will reply and try and describe just how that date would go. Add a conversation, write a story, give a review, do whatever you want!


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