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CiscoTheSoto CiscoTheSoto 11 August 2019

Super Saiyan God Gogeta vs. Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

This is just kind of a random question, but do you think that Super Saiyan God Gogeta would have been able to handle Legendary Super Saiyan DBS Broly? I think he would have, albeit while using the form's maximum potential and with difficulty, because Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta was able to dominate Broly without being hit with a single attack, and although his more powerful combo moves weren't able to kill Broly, they were powerful enough to stagger him. It was only thanks to Broly's unbelievable durability and stamina as the Legendary Super Saiyan that he was able to get back up. Any thoughts of agreement or disagreement?

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