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  • Callanball

    Are you alive?

    September 20, 2019 by Callanball


    This is Callanball.

    I am broadcasting this message from a radio tower outside Central City.

    Does anybody copy?

    Is anyone still alive?

    Are you okay?

    Please, contact me.

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  • Callanball

    Salutations to anyone kind enough to read what I have to say! For the 90% of you who don't know who I am, my name is Callanball.. well my name isn't Callanball it's Callan but my username is and uhh.. yeah. Long story short I'm a chat moderator who is fairly active yet extremely uninteresting. 

    Introductions aside, it is in fact my two year anniversary with this place and so considering I only have a single day where it is worth any substance, I thought I'd do something out of the norm and make a blog. I do realise it isn't a great plan, considering Kotsu is less than a day after me (although it appears as if we're the same day due to how time zones work) and we all know when it comes to 'more liked' or 'more known' or even 'more interestin…

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  • Callanball

    Thought I would try and get some DB talk going again (even though it will most likely fail) and so we will go some fun facts. I'll bring up a few and then you all do the rest? Alright go!

    Fun facts!

    Piccolo is only four years older than Gohan.

    Vegeta is actually King of all Saiyans due to his fathers death.

    The only enemies Goku actually kills in DBZ (NOT* including movies) are Buu and Yakon.

    Cell is the only main enemy (series only) that Goku does not bite.

    Bulma goes through 17 different hair styles in total.

    Majin Buu is over 5 million years old.

    Imperfect Cell and Tambourine are both voiced by Dameon Clarke in the Funimation Dub.

    DBZ Sagas is the only DB game to be released on the original XBOX

    Akira Toriyama's favourite character is Piccolo


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  • Callanball

    I made this for 2 reasons.

    1) I saw a user a month or so ago upload a couple wallpapers he made.. I wanted to give it a go but it wasn't something I felt comfortable with.. Until step 2 happened.

    2) I had 3 hours to waste and I wasn't really sure what to waste them on, then I made that little blue effect (the one on the pod) and decided that I might make something with it.. Its still kinda scrappy since I was just throwing stuff together without really going 100% on it, but it was DB related so I thought, ' hell, I won't have anything decent to share for a while.. So why not this?'

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  • Callanball

    I heard the rumours a while back but recently my good friend DBZanto found not only the official cover art, but a few screenshots.. Eventually he found 2 different trailers, both the real and the code. Now tell me your thoughts, criticisms, anything really!

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