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  • Brolylssj Destroys

    infobox pictures

    September 11, 2012 by Brolylssj Destroys

    why is everyone concerned with getting new infobox pictures on articles that dont need new pictures (ie: goku )

    as long as an article has an infobox picture its fine we dont need new ones. wee need to get inofbox pictures for articles that dont have one . once every article has its own infobox picture then we can all complain about changing them

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  • Brolylssj Destroys

    ultimate gohan?

    September 3, 2012 by Brolylssj Destroys

    a friend told me something earlier that blew my mind

    when buutenks was pwning ultimate gohan why didnt gohan just go ssj ultimate gohan

    since ultimate gohan is his base form.

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  • Brolylssj Destroys


    September 2, 2012 by Brolylssj Destroys

    I looked at the users and listed are frieza bardock and vegeta....

    how do they know the kamehameha it just doesnt seem right

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  • Brolylssj Destroys

    some of the dragons should not exist as most of the wishis were on kami's balls


    haze shenron: the wish to revive bora.

    Rage shenron : wish to revive goku to fight the saiyans

    oceanus shenron: hot girls panties/ most comfortable pair of underwear

    nuova shenron: king piccol's wish for eternal youth

    syn shenron: created by the wish that most likely revived the most victims, since one can only reasonably assume that others besides the Namekians were killed by Frieza and his men in the past year

    KAMIS BALLS WERE DESTROYED when he fused with piccolo


    eis: makeing everybody forget majin buu

    naturon: revive majin vegetas victims

    !!!!2 different sets of dragon balls

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  • Brolylssj Destroys

    who would win in a fight lssj broly from second coming or ssj2 teen gohan

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