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  • BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Hey there! I saw Battle of Gods last night, and it was beast. But if you are going to see it tonight or any of the next few nights, I have a couple of tips.

    1. Get your tickets as early as possible. We went to the theater a half an hour early to get good seats, and the tickets were sold out. Good thing we ordered ours online.

    2. It WILL be PACKED. Unless you live in some small town where nothing really happens. But then, why would there be a movie theater in town? But, really, prepare to not have any room.

    3. Show the love! I saw all kinds of cosplayers and people wearing shirts with Goku and stuff, and I felt kinda bad that I didn't wear anything. I even saw a great Great Saiyaman outfit there.

    Anyways, go, relax, and enjoy the movie! Get hyp…

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  • BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Yeah. Got the Idea from Yami. However, this is only gonna be a Pokemon elimination blog (since most of my blogs about Pokemon have gotten really popular in the past). So, Imma start with the starters. Right now, I'll only be taking votes for Kanto and Johto; the others will be coming soon. 







    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    So, vote for the ones you want eliminated. Bye!

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  • BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Nu Modz

    July 12, 2014 by BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Guise We should get new mods plz

    Heer r the nomiknees:





    Whu shud be teh new mod

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  • BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Make DBZ puns. That's it.

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  • BlazewolfTheKronekenian

    Hey guys. This blog has 2 parts. The first part is just me saying I changed my name, and a bunch of stuff you don't have to read unless you don't want to live. The second part is an actual blog.

    First things first I have changed my name (duh) . It is now BlazewolfTheKronekenian, the name of old character I made up as a kid. You guys can still call me KLFD, but I liek BTK or Blazewolf better. It just sounds so badass, don'tcha think?

    Second thing: I've been here for about a year now, and I want to know: what led you guys to this wiki? Tell me your Origin Story.

    Well, that's about it. Bye!

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