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aka Blaze, Kaguya, Джонатан

  • I live in New Orleans (Новый Орлеан)
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Verizon Employee
  • I am Male (Мале)
  • Blazeine

    Hello, fellow DB users, I am Blaze (yes, as you can see, I have a new username, reverting to previous identity, formerly him.

    I was watching some YouTube videos about the Vegeta/Trunks/Goku achievement of the Ascended/Ultra Super Saiyan levels. As we all know, Gohan surpassed the level and acquired the highly sought out Super Saiyan 2 form. But, I became interested on the process and thought, "What would a mastered (full-power) Ascended/Ultra Super Saiyan's features be like?"

    In my opinion, if the form was mastered, first, the form's power output would be greatly increased, and the effort to become one of these forms would be less-tolling, as in the Full-Power Super Saiyan form itself. Second, I believe there wouldn't be as much as a muscle …

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