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I'm changing this useless blog into my next game! A quiz! Welcome to the toriyamaniac quiz! Here, I will ask you questions about akira toriyama and his relations with dragon ball. You ready? Take a pee and lets get started! Who is the biggest toriyamanicac!

Now, no cheating men, this is a fair competition for all. Use the knowledge you have now, NO looking at articles of Toriyama.

Question 1: What year did Akira start producing the Dragon Ball Manga

  • A: 1983
  • B: 1984
  • C: 1985
  • D: 1986

Question 2: Akira wanted to stop the Dragon Ball manga how many times?

Question 3: At the end of which saga did Akira Toriyama quit Dragon Ball?

Question 4: What novel was Dragon Ball based off of?

Question 5: What was the prototype for Dragon Ball called?

  • A: Dragon Monkey
  • B: Dragon King
  • C: Dragon Boy

Question 6: What other manga created by Akira appeared in Dragon Ball?

Question 7: When his son, Sasuke, was little, what Dragon Ball character did he often dress him up as?

  • A: Goku
  • B: Gohan
  • C: Vegeta
  • D: Krillin

Question 8: Why did Akira try to have Goku die so many times?

Question 9: How many pages of the Dragon Ball Manga were produced by Akira Toriyama?

  • A: Over 8,000
  • B: Over 9,000

Question 10: How long has it been since Akira Toriyama worked on a new Dragon Ball Animation?

  • A: 10 Years
  • B: 14 Years
  • C: 16 Years
  • D: 17 Years

Lets see how many of you are true Toriyamaniacs!

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