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  • I was born on September 30
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  • Blalafoon

    Toriyamaniac quiz!

    February 24, 2013 by Blalafoon

    I'm changing this useless blog into my next game! A quiz! Welcome to the toriyamaniac quiz! Here, I will ask you questions about akira toriyama and his relations with dragon ball. You ready? Take a pee and lets get started! Who is the biggest toriyamanicac!

    Now, no cheating men, this is a fair competition for all. Use the knowledge you have now, NO looking at articles of Toriyama.

    Question 1: What year did Akira start producing the Dragon Ball Manga

    • A: 1983
    • B: 1984
    • C: 1985
    • D: 1986

    Question 2: Akira wanted to stop the Dragon Ball manga how many times?

    Question 3: At the end of which saga did Akira Toriyama quit Dragon Ball?

    Question 4: What novel was Dragon Ball based off of?

    Question 5: What was the prototype for Dragon Ball called?

    • A: Dragon Monkey
    • B…
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  • Blalafoon

    Finally, after 2 weeks, after seeing all of your beutiful coding, the winner must be decided. Thank you everyone who posted, although you may be a loser, your a loser in a good way! And thanks to you that voted!

    Now finally, the winner of that coding competition is...........Epsilon Master!

    • Epsilon Master: 9 Votes
    • Yuzura: 8 Votes
    • LukaCat: 5 Votes
    • Dangerous Blues: 5 Votes
    • Final Chidori: 3 Votes
    • Super Saiyan 7 Somebody: 1 Vote

    It was so close! And the real biter was CertainlyNot revoting, if he had not changed his vote from SS7S and Chidori to Epsilon and Chidori, there would have been a tie, so, thank you CertainlyNot! And congrats Epsilon!

    As for the reward, it will be the same as last time, Epsilon Master will receive a special user box commemorat…

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  • Blalafoon

    Before we go, thanks to all of you who entered and submitted beeeeeeeeeuitful peices of HTML art! So that I can steal it from all yo sucka b.z's  Whoops, had a meltdown ROFLOL xP

    There were around 10 entries that were absolutely a pleasure to look at, but only 1 can make the best. Now, here are the rules for voting

    1. If you entered the competition you can NOT vote for yourself, you must vote for someone else
    2. Please do not vote for a chat mod just because of their power.
    3. ONLY VOTE FOR YOUR FRIENDS/SIBLINGS IF THEIR CODING IS YOUR FAVORITE! DO NOT vote for them to maintain friendship. And if your BFF voted for someone else, don't take it personaly, it is ust a coding competition, not life and death.

    Since getting a screenshot of every one of them wit…

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  • Blalafoon

    HTML Masta!

    February 2, 2013 by Blalafoon

    Welcome to my second competition! So we have established the most popular chatters, but as we know, some chatters don't even edit anything except their user page! So I devised this little competition to see who is the HTML coding master! (Since you chatters obviously have enough time to do it right?)

    Here are the rules for this competition

    1. If you want to enter the competition, say so in the comments below
    2. Each participant will be required to make a user page AND a signature for themselves in the "sandbox" page of the wiki, once submitted, take a snapshot of it and post the picture in a reply to your entry comment. (Note: 2 people can't edit the same page at the same time, so be sure to be on chat and see if anyone is currently editing)
    3. After 1…
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  • Blalafoon

    Randomness poll is random

    January 11, 2013 by Blalafoon

    This is my randomness poll of random randomness. LOL

    So I haz some decisions to make in mah life, and I am calling upon you all random strangers to comment a number between 1-32, and no repeating the same number twice! And I know all you funny people out there who are probably gonna be a smarty farty and comment "100" or "-100". ANY NUMBERS NOT IN BETWEEN OR EQUAL TO 1 and 32 WILL BE IGNORED.

    Now, for some random votes.

    Uh, thank you and........GOODNIGHT!

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