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  • BardockGoku

    Hey team what's going on how you all doin? Been a while since my last blog. Anyway I was just wondering if you have watched Battle of The Gods and/or Revival of Frieza? If you have which one did you guys like the most and tell us a bit about your thoughts on it.

    In my opinion I thought Battle of the Gods was an AMAZING movie, I thought the ending with Goku and Beerus in space was spectacular. However even with Frieza being one of my top 3 favorite characters, I did not enjoy his movie nearly as much as others. Anyway let us know your thoughts!

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  • BardockGoku

    SSJ4 Semi Final 1

    October 1, 2013 by BardockGoku

    Which picture of SSJ4 characters has been drawn the best. Now as with the last finals this is not a vote on what you think of the certain character but how well you think they have been drawn in SSJ4 form. So which do you believe looks the best? 

    Note: 1 is a wildcard to even out the numbers. 


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  • BardockGoku

    Barku Stuff

    April 16, 2012 by BardockGoku

    Okay guys I got alot of stuff going on so I thought I might make a blog just summing up the things that are going on:

    1: Nappa'sgoatee's story.

    Well for those of you who don't know Nappa'sgoatee/SuperSaiyanGoatee/The Ultimate Hermit whichever name you know him by has been writing his own story. He has asked me that if it is good enough to show it to the wikia. So what do you guys think of it? You can see it here. And yeh, I am using an old dead wiki for that story, I just needed somewhere to post it. Cheers Lil ;D

    2: SSJ Blogs.

    I know there has been delays and what not for the last couple of SSJ Blogs and I am sorry for that. I kind of just haven't found the time really. But another problem is tallying them up. I have asked a few friends here …

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  • BardockGoku

    SSJ4 Broly

    March 12, 2012 by BardockGoku

    Which picture of SSJ4 Broly do you think looks best?

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  • BardockGoku

    SSJ4 Kid Gotenks

    February 19, 2012 by BardockGoku

    Which picture of SSJ4 Kid Gotenks do you think looks best?

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