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Ya Boi King Kai

aka Kaio-Sama

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  • I live in A little planet at the end of Snake Way.
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is North Kai of Universe 7
  • I am Boi
King Kai

Ya Boi King Kai (Me if you didn't know) is a heavy duty Dragon Ball fan. I like to theorize frequently about the lore and mechanics of the Dagon Ball Universe, and like to consider myself as the most knowledgable fan in the world (It would be egotistcal if it weren't true.) I also take pleasure in protecting the users of this fandom (You!) from any dangers and make your time here all the more enjoyable! I hope to see you soon on the main discussions page!

(Just admit it. You read this whole thing in my voice, didn't you.)

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