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My Favorite Non-Canon Form in DBZ

My Favorite Canon Form in DBZ

Hello, I'm new to the Wiki fandom straight from Thailand, English isn't my main language so I'm sorry about my bad grammars.

I'm a Dragon Ball franchise and Tokusentai Fan, First time I know what is "Dragon Ball" is from the Movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, I decided to start watching from Original DB to GT. and then after DBS announced I started to watch it again while also following the manga version to this time right now.

My Personal Opinion:

1. Dragon Ball Z

2. Dragon Ball (anime)

3. Dragon Ball Super (manga)

4. Dragon Ball GT

5. Dragon Ball Super (anime)

(for someone curious) "Why is DBZ are 1st place?" It's because of a good story, an epic match, and many scenes that I love.

"You are number one" - Vegeta,  Super Saiyan Goku first time,  Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Father-Son Kamehameha.

"Why is DB (Origin) are 2nd place?" It's happy to watch it even without an epic fight like in DBZ.

"Why is DBS (Manga) are 3rd place?" Decent Story, Great Arts, and make more sense than its Counterpart.

"Why is DBGT are 4th place?" My Personal Opinion: It's basically mixed between Origin DB and DBZ but doesn't fit well.

"Why is DBS (Anime) are 5th place?" My Personal Opinion: even it's a counterpart of the manga version but it worse and not make sense.

My Favorite Forms

My Favorite Characters

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