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aka Eric Otness

  • I live in Dunwoody, Georgia
  • I was born on February 14
  • I am Male

About me

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Well, knowing the web, I'm not going to give my real name.

Well, I'm autistic (albeit high functioning and borderline aspergers syndrome). I'm somewhat of a fan of the Dragonball Franchise (although only because of Super Mario Bros. Z), I'm also a Sonic fan, a Pokemon Fan (Although, due to Misty being removed from the show, I'm currently boycotting them until they bring her back or until they go down.) I'm somewhat of a fan of the Metal Gear games, I'm a big fan of Metroid as well as Star Fox. I also very much enjoy the Star Wars saga. I'm not a Resident Evil fan, but I'll make edits if I find information if necessary. I'm also a Heroes fan (although due to a certain... issue with Season 4, which I'll cover later on later, my respect is waning), and, Heterosexuality or not, I'm also a big fan of Disney's Little Mermaid franchise (It was originally meant to be for both genders and orientations of all ages. until the stupid executives at Disney decided to make it a girls only product with Disney princesses!).

I'm also the author of the Bring Misty Back videos on Youtube (more specifically, the "Bring Misty Back Reasons Why" 3-part video. I would have done an uncut-but-still-blurred edition, but I had some problems with Pinnacle in regards to doing that.)

I'm also a heterosexual male, and I just want to say that I get very annoyed (almost to the point of becoming psychotic) whenever I feel as though people, the media, or society hints that we heterosexual males have to act like sex-starved, who let the dogs out, women jumping, bootycalling jerks (You know, people like the characters of Brock from Pokemon, Master Roshi, Oolong, Charlie Harper from "Two and a Half Men" and other such scum, see I use anime to substitute for real life! Lol!) and that the only way one cannot be that is if he is homosexual. I mean, I'm not attracted to every female I ever see. It's impossible for me to be that. However, I at the same time have absolutely never had any attractions to males, period. However, I do know that in order for someone to be of a particular sexual orientation, he/she has to only be attracted, in general, to a particular gender, and are always incapable of feeling attraction to the other gender. (IE, if one is homosexual, then he/she is incapable of having attractions to the opposite sex. Likewise, if one is heterosexual, then he/she is incapable of having attractions to the same sex.), the sole exception would be bisexuality. On a related note, I also get annoyed when a character changes orientation, male or female, homosexuality to heterosexuality, heterosexuality to homosexuality, bisexuality to homosexuality, etc, etc., especially when said character has already had a significant history of being one sexual orientation in a series, as you can't just change your attractions to people as pheronomes are not a controllable biological product, not anymore than making your heart beat is a controllable biological product. This being the reason why I have had great annoyances at the rumors of Claire Bennet allegedly becoming a lesbian in Heroes.

I'm also a christian, and I believe that, while the act of Homosexuality is not to be condoned, we should still tolerate those who are Homosexuals, since that's what God would have wanted.

I'm also heavily involved in the Bring Misty Back movement in the Pokemon fanbase. A major reason as to why I desire to bring Misty back (as well as having absolute loyalty to her) is because, at least from what I can tell, Misty is one of the few females who is not of the Female Anime stereotype (or heck, any of the Female Stereotypes [by that, I'm referring to stereotypes of the likes of the girls from Love Hina, the Triplets from Beauty and the Beast, most if not all of the girls in Two and a Half men, the Anime versions of the girls from Battle Vixens [and the Manga, to a slightly lesser extent], especially Sonsaku Hakufu, as well as Maron [Krillin's first Girlfriend, not his daughter], most of the girls in Master Roshi's magazines, the Fiorello Fangirls from the Pokemon Episode Princess vs. Princess, May, Dawn, and the like.].). I mean, ever since how she acted in Princess vs. Princess, she proved to me, and earned a lot of my loyalty to her, how she wasn't that stereotype. I'm not alone in this belief, as there have been Pokemon-related books and studies that reinforce this belief.

A last note, I'm in college.

Well, that's all I can cover right now. All I promise is that I do an efficient job.

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