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I regularly used the chat here from 2011-December 2016, although these days its really empty. i like several anime series including Yugioh, Yuyu Hakusho, Digimon, Naruto & Boruto, DBZ & Super, Full Metal Alchemist, & Hunter x Hunter. There are several other series i enjoy as well!

I believe that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is 1 of the best games on Switch with the Hero Colosseum being quite fun. Society Survival Saga is probably my favorite "Dragon Ball what if", although some of the Xenoverse 2 what ifs are fun like Imperfect Cell traveling back to the Cell Games or Janemba stalling Vegeta before he can return to Earth to fuse with Goku.

PowerLevel List

Before Z

Goku:28, Krillin:30, Master Roshi:180, Ape Goku:280, Colonel Silver:32, General Blue:86, Mercenary Tao:130, Goku (after Training with Korin):153

Chaotzu: 103, Krillin:142, Tien:180, Goku:180, Goku (exhausted):120, Tambourine:240, Yajirobe:190, Cymbal:130, Goku:240, King Piccolo: 280, King Piccolo (Restored Youth): 460, Goku (Ultra Divine Water): 490, Tao:210, Tien:230, Chichi: 130, Piccolo:630, Goku:640

Saiyan Saga

Raditz:1500, Goku: 900, Piccolo: 880, Gohan (Enraged): 1307, Special Beam Cannon: 1480, Bulma:12, Master Roshi: 139, Yamcha: 177, Krillin: 206, Tien:250, Princess Snake:900, Bubbles:1000, Gregory:1800, King Kai: 3500, Saibamen:1200, Yamcha: 1300, Krillin: 1450, Chaiotzu: 600, Chaotzu Explosion: 2,400, Tien:1,600, Tien Tribeam: 4,800, Piccolo:3,500, Nappa: 6,000, Gohan Masenko: 3,400, Goku: 8,200-8,500, Vegeta:18,400, Gallick Gun: 23,000, Kaioken x4 Kamehameha:33-34 Thousand, Great Ape Vegeta: anywhere from 145,000-180,000, Yajirobe:240, Spirit Bomb: 14,000, Vegeta Wounded: 850, Ape Gohan: 9,800.

Namek Saga

Cui:18,000, Vegeta: 28,000, Gohan:4,600, Krillin: 4,200, Most of Frieza's soldiers 1,000-2,500, Namekian Warriors:3,000, Dodoria: 23,000, Zarbon 24,000 (Transformed:34,000), Vegeta (after zenkai):35,000, Krillin (power unlocked) 17,000, Gohan (after power unlock):18,000, Recoome: 65,000, Jeice: 53,000, Burter: 54,000, Guldo: 17,000, Goku:90,000, Ginyu:120,000, Nail:42,000, Frieza:530,000, Vegeta:480,000

Frieza Saga

Gohan (Calm):85,000, Gohan (Enraged): 850,000+, Krillin's Kienzan: 68,000, Gohan (after healed): 380,000+, Piccolo (after merging with Nail) 1.2 Million, Frieza 3rd Form:1,500,000, Gohan (Angry Blast): 3 Million+, Vegeta (after Dende's Healing): 1.8 Million, Vegeta's Final Attack: 2.5 Million, Goku:2-2.5 Million, Yamcha:65,000+, Tien: 93,500+, Chiaotzu:18,500+, Piccolo (stalling against Frieza): 3 Million, Spirit Bomb: 90 Million, SSJ Goku: 100 Million-125 Million, 100% Frieza: 120 Million, Gohan (Calm while SSJ Goku & Frieza fight):500,000+, Gohan (Beyond Pissed):20 Million+

Android Saga/Cell Saga

Mecha Frieza: 1.2 Million, King Cold (2nd Form): 3 Million, Mecha Frieza's Death Ball:60 Million (at most), SSJ Future Trunks: 150 Million, SSJ Goku: 150 Million, Doore:2.64 Million, Neiz: 1.975 Million, Salza:3.75 Million, Piccolo: 6 Million, Cooler 4th Form: 80 Million, Goku (after eating senzu bean): 7 Million, Cooler 5th Form: 320 Million, SSJ Goku: 350 Million

Yamcha: 840,000, Tien: 8 Million, SSJ Goku (Heart Virus): 150 Million, Android 19 (Goku & some of Vegeta Drained): 150 Million, Piccolo: 34 Million, Gero: 28 Million, SSJ Trunks: 200 Million, Super Vegeta: 250 Million, Android 18: 280 Million

Piccolo (reunited with Kami) 320 Million, Imperfect Cell (1st Encounter) 200 Million, Goku (recovered) 12 Million, Android 17:300 Million, Imperfect Cell: 320 Million, Android 16: 350 Million, SemiPerfect Cell: 620 Million, Neo Tribeams: 32 Million each, Ascended Vegeta: 750 Million, Ascended Trunks: 750 Million, Perfect Cell: 900 Million, Final Flash: 980 Million, Ultra Trunks: 1 Billion

Cell Games Saga

Broly LSSJ: 2 Billion, Piccolo:500 Million, Gohan (Calm):16 Million, Super Saiyan Goku (Full Power): 900 Million, Perfect Cell:980 Million, SSJ Gohan (Full Power):800 Million, Cell Juniors (480 Million each), Gohan (Super Saiyan2): 1.6 Billion, Bulky Cell: 1.5 Billion, Restored Perfect Cell: 1.65 Billion, Final Kamehameha: 1.8 Billion, Future 17 & 18: 200 Million, Future Cell:180 Million, Bojack: 1.3 Billion?

Majin Buu Saga

Videl: 32,000, Supreme Kai:90 Million?, Dabura:1Billion, Puipui:250 Million?, Yakon:300 Million?, SSJ Goten: 200 Million, SSJ Trunks: 225 Million, Gohan:14.5 Million, SSJ2 Gohan: 1.45 Billion, Dabura (full power):1.52 Billion, SSJ2 Goku: 2.5 Billion, SSJ2 Majin Vegeta: 2.5 Billion, Majin Buu: 6.7 Billion, Final Explosion: 10 Billion, Super Saiyan 3 Goku: 10 Billion, Gotenks (Debut):50 Million, Evil Buu: 5.8 Billion, Good Buu: 900 Million

Fusion Saga/Kid Buu Saga/Wrath of the Dragon

Trunks & Goten after HTC:6 Million each?, Super Buu: 7.8 Billion, SSJ Gotenks: 3 Billion, SSJ3 Gotenks:24 Billion, Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed): 32 Billion, Mystic Gohan: 30 Billion, Super Buu (After Fusion Ends): 10 Billion, Super Buu (Gohan absorbed): 40 Billion, Vegito:40 Billion, Super Vegito: 2 Trillion

Kid Buu:6.2 Billion, Spirit Bomb: 10 Billion, Hirudegarn (lowerhalf): 10 Billion, Hirudegarn (Complete): 30 Billion, Hirudegarn (Final Form): 35 Billion, Dragon Fist: 40 Billion

Power Levels After Z


SSJ3 Goku: 12 Billion, SSJ2 Vegeta Enraged: 12 Billion, Goku (Super Saiyan God): 2.5 Trillion, Beerus (False Full Power): 5 Trillion, SSJ Goku (after god powers): 2 Trillion. SSJ Goku (red aura): 4.5 Trillion, Kamehameha 3.4 Trillion, Restored God Goku: 5 Trillion

Goku & Vegeta (after Training under Whis):120 Million, SSJ Goku:60 Billion? Super Saiyan Blue Goku:6 Trillion, SSJB Vegeta:6 Trillion, Golden Frieza:6 Trillion

Piccolo:980 Million, Frost Final Form: 12 Billion, SSJ Vegeta:60 Billion, Hit:10 Trillion

Goku Black:20 Billion, Future Trunks:80 Million, SSJ2 Future Trunks 8 Billion, Goku:160 Million, SSJ3 Goku:64 Billion, Zamasu:10 Billion, GokuBlack (SSJ Rose):10 Trillion, Merged Zamasu:700 Trillion, SSJ Blue Vegito:800 Trillion

Hit:42 Trillion, Android 18:140 Billion, Piccolo:34 Billion, Android 17: 4.7 Trillion, Dyspo:24 Trillion, Top: 70 Trillion, Krillin:380 Million, Master Roshi: 440 Million, Tien:420 Million, Android 17: 700 Billion, Jiren:1 Quadrillion, Ultra Instinct Goku:900 Trillion, SSJ2 Caulifa: 200 Billion, Kefla:8 Trillion, SSJ2 Kefla:800 Trillion, Vegeta (Beyond Blue):400 Trillion.

Dragon Ball GT

Goku (After Training Uub):60 Million, Kid Goku: 12 Million, Trunks:14.5 Million, Pan:1.4 Million?, Ledgic:540 Million?, Super Kid Goku (Imeka):600 Million, Goku (Planet Luud):14 Million?, SSJ Goku (Planet Luud) 700 Million? Lord Luud: 800 Million, SSJ Trunks:725 Million, Luud (Pan Absorbed):1.2 Billion

Goku: 20 Million, Sigma Force Combined: 1.75 Billion, Pan:6.3 Million, SSJ2 Kid Goku: 2 Billion, General Rildo:1.8 Billion, Hyper Rildo: 2.4 Billion, Metal Rildo: 2.5 Billion?, Vegeta:30 Million, SSJ Goten:675 Million, SSJ Gohan:875 Million, SSJ2 Vegeta:3 Billion, BabyVegeta:4Billion, SSJ3 Kid Goku:10 Billion, Enhanced BabyVegeta:12 Billion?, Majuub: 7.2 Billion, SSJ3 Kid Goku (tail):12 Billion? Super Saiyan 4 Goku:30 Billion? BabyVegeta(Ape): 30 Billion?.

Oceanus Shenron: 1 Billion, Naturon Shenron: 4 Billion, Naturon Shenron (Pan Absorbed):60 Billion, SSJ4 Goku: 90 Billion, Nuova Shenron:80 Billion, Eis Shenron: 85 Billion, Dragon Fist: 185 Billion, Syn Shenron:200 Billion, SSJ4 Goku (after healing):200 Billion, Omega Shenron: 1.4 Trillion, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta: 200 Billion, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta: 2 Trillion? Final Spirit Bomb:4 Trillion?

Various Stuff

Normally I group Ginyu Saga as part of the Namek Saga, & get the feeling that Power Levels probably aren't even possible to calculate after Z with any accuracy. I believe that when Goku said Rildo was stronger than Majin Buu, he was referring to the Good Buu that existed when he said it.

Quotes Gallery

Awesome Quotes

  • Sometimes the Pen is Mightier than the Sword
  • "i know that if i try my hardest, i will be rewarded" Edward Elric
  • "i didn't choose to fight you because i could see myself Winning, it's because i have to win "ichigo
  • "Let's Just hope that when you come to your senses there will still be a world left for us to save" Piccolo
  • "So this is how my story ends afterall, Goku was unable to make it in time to prevent Piccolo's death, but in his last moments my dark counterpart outshone even me, an encouraging thought" Kami
  • "i am a saiyan who was raised on Planet Earth, & in the name of every saiyan you've made suffer, for them & the people of Planet Namek too, i will Defeat You!" Goku
  • "Foolishness must be a virtue on Earth you all seem to value it so highly" Frieza
  • "Don't Give me that! The Only Destiny i believe in is the Destiny i make for myself" Trunks
  • "Before this is Over i'll show you the true power of Chaos Control" Shadow
  • "if the world becomes my enemy, i will keep fighting like i always have" Shadow
  • "The World is like a playground, everyone eventually leaves to go home"
  • "The Power i thought was Absolute, was crushed like it was nothing"

Funny Quotes/Memes

  • "it's a Giant Mushroom! Maybe it's Friendly!"
  • "Go ahead Tristan, Eat all the pages you like"
  • "Silence Little Fooolz!" "Obey me my Mind Slave"
  • "So you mean the big scary Rock isn't coming to give us cookies"
  • "is Mayonaisse an instrument?" Patrick "Heart on Stick must Die!" Patrick
  • "Come to the Darkside we have cookies!" "Wahoo! it's like a trampoline!"

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