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My Favourite Techniques:
*[[Pui Pui Nice Shot]]
*[[Flame Shower Breath]]
*[[Evil Impulse]]
*[[Light Eating]]
*[[Behind You!]]
*[[Manipulation Sorcery]]
*[[Kaio-ken Finish]]
*[[Kaio-ken Attack]]
*[[Ki Sense]]
*[[Afterimage Technique]]
*[[Instant Kamehameha]]
*[[Angry Kamehameha]]
*[[Shining Sword Attack]]
*[[Burning Attack]]
*[[Burning Shoot]]
*[[Thunder Flash Attack]]
*[[Hyper Tornado]]
*[[Volcano Explosion]]
*[[Exploding Wave]]
*[[Instant Transmission]]
*[[Instantaneous Movement]]
*[[Neo Tri-Beam]]
*[[Spirit Tri-Beam]]
*[[I'm A Top-class Warrior!]]
*'''Ultra Sensitivity''' – By concentrating his mind, Super 17 can sense the very changes in the air and sound, which allows him to detect even the stealthiest opponents, such as Goku using the [ Instant Transmission]. This ability can be nullified with loud noises.
*[[Special Beam Cannon]]
*[[Hellzone Grenade]]
*[[Light Grenade]]
*[[Rocket Punch]]
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