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"The sleeper has awakened. I'm the Prince of all edits once again!"
—Vegeta - San

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My Information
What should I tell? I love sports, mostly Soccer and Basketball and, obviously, I love Dragon Ball! This is a passion that has started almost 14 years ago (more than some marriages...). When I'm not playing sports outside, I'm studying or watching animes. I have to say that my favorite Dragon Ball character is, as you might've guessed already, Vegeta, "the Prince of all Saiyans!". Happy with the fact that he's "officially" turned into a Super Saiyan 3 in the game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. I joined this wiki with a simple goal: as a Dragon Ball fan, I want to help the wiki to give the most credible information possible to its users (myself included). I usually am correcting minor grammar/spelling errors but when I know a piece of information (a credible one, obviously) that's not in the article I'm watching, I add or correct it, and it has been a wonderful experience. Since March 1st, 2010, and along with SSJ4 Lewich, I'm co-responsible for the Article of the Month. You should check it out! And this pretty much sums it up. Now, if you excuse me, I've got some editing to do... Oh, I almost forgot! I identify myself with one of these two signatures:

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Current Projects
As of now, I dedicate most of my time here on the DB Wiki in correcting grammar/structural errors and helping confused users in talk pages or forums. Also, I'm spending a lot of time in gathering credible sources so I can give my full contribute to the Citation Corps.
Favorite Quote

"Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about his power level?"
— Nappa.

"IT'S OVER 9000!"
— Vegeta, as he dramatically crushes his Scouter.

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