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hello welcom to my page
DragonballZ-Episode289 277

me and my wife and children

my best friend: bardock he is the best friend someone could ever have

about me:

welcom to my wiki page
1035972006 5 ucIO

i am a dbz fan

jou can always ask me anything about dbz

im not a large dbgt fan

im a ultimate vegeta fan jou can ask everything about him

Favorite Pages

nummer 1: Vegeta (Favorite character)

nummer 2: Raging Blast 2 (Becomes the greatest game ever)

Number 3: Ball: Raging Blast Dragon Ball: Raging Blast(My favorite game)

nummer 4: Kaioken (Favorite technique)

nummer 5: Saiyans (Best race ever)

favorite characters

Number 1 : 'V'egeta:

He is the Prince of All Saiyans. His rival is Kakarot (Goku). Vegeta always wants to defeat him.

He is the one of the strongest warriors in the Universe, only about two people can beat him.

In the first place he came to Earth to get immortality.

But later he changed married Bulma and had two children Bra (Bulla) and Trunks.

number 2: piccolo

strongest namekian ever lived

he is a awesome character

and he has a great personality

and he is a great teacher

at first he wanted to kill goku for his father

but later he chanced thanks to kid gohan

now he is a z fighter and always helps everyone who needs help

nummer 3: kid gohan:

kid gohan

he is the one who made piccolo's hart pure

he begon his training with piccolo

he learned to fight the hard way

gohan's first lost was his teacher piccolo

gohan becomes as first person super saiyan 2

he marries videl satan and has a daugther named pan


least favorite characters

number 1: mystic gohan: i realy hate this character he sits for an old guy for a day and ow they say he is mystic he doesnt even transform i realy hate mystic gohan

get lost mystic pansy

number 2: pan: i realy hate pan she can only yell grandpa grandpa help grandpa she is realy enoying dbgt i dont like gt anyway but she is the worst from total gt

number 3: guldo: he is short and realy enoying he has only the power to stop the time and he cant even use it good

favorite inventions

number 1: the dragon radar

it can locate ever dragonball in the univers

the maker is bulma briefs

its used by bulma goku giru trunks and pan

number 2: spying insect
Dr GerosSpyInsects

the spying bug

its made by docter gero

its programmed to get the cells and the data from the strongest fighters on earth

its only used by dr gero

number 3: the time machine

its made by bulma in trunks future world

its used by trunks and cell

its programmed to go in every time line

trunks used it too warn the z figthters for the androids

cell used it to get the androids


favorite dbz games

number 1 dragonball raging blast for ps3: i just got the game and its realy awesome realy great attacks
Raging Blast good quality cover

best game ever

number 2 dragonball z tenkaichi bodukai 3 for wii: great gameplay the story isnt that great but the game has a lot of characters

number 3 dragonball z bodukai tenkaichi 2 for wii: fantastic story all movies saga's anything and the gameplay is pretty good

number 4: dragonball revenge of king piccolo for wii: its okay i gues it is not that great but i like it


favorite techniques

nummer 1: kaioken

nummer 2: kamehameha

nummer 3: final flash

nummer 4: instand transmission

nummer 5: big bang attack

nummer 6; special beam cannon

nummer 7: spirit bomb

nummer 8: hellzone grenade

nummer 9: burning attack

nummer 10: dragonfist

nummer 11:final shine attack

nummer 12: recoome ultra fighting bomber

nummer 13: crusher ball

nummer 14: body change

nummer 15: chocolate beam

my favorite quotes

  • ITS OVER 9000!! ~ vegeta
  • frieza has taken our loyalty and paid us back in our own blood ~ bardock
  • if jour lying to me i'l rip jour head off ~ vegeta
  • i myself are a first class warrior and i wont hastitate to kill even my own brother if need be! ~ raditz
    OVER 9000

    ITS OVER 9000

  • i wanted to save jou frieza but jou wouldnt let me and now jou have to share the fate of the planet namek which jou jourself destroyed ~ goku
  • its time to feel the wrath of all the nameks jou've destroyed ~ piccolo
  • the sleeper has awakend i am the prince of all saiyans once again ~ vegeta
  • jou can destroy planets but jou cant destroy what i am friend ~ goku
  • ME BUU KILL JOU ~~kid buu
  • what are jou so afraid off cell isnt this what jou wanted i warned jou i told jou what would happen if jou pushed me too far but jou didnt listen jou forced me to awaken my hidden power and now that jou've seen it jour afraid.... bequese jou know im going to destroy jou ~ gohan
  • if i cant last one lousy minute than i deserve to die ~ vegeta
  • just keep on talking while i smack jour around ~ gotenks
  • you think he is the most powerfull being in the univers and maybi he is but just like jou he doesnt have true pride i dont expect jou to understand not jou kakarot i'l sent myself into a cold ablivion and i did it on a lie the saiyan prince will not fall again ~ vegeta
  • so i gues its true after all androids do experience fear ~ vegeta
  • he does look a little strange.... a kai what's that some sort of o purple leprechaun ~ hercule
  • fine i'l destroy you then jour friends and then this worthless planet but before i do i want jou to remember something i will live forever!! ~ cell

favorite scene's

  • garlick gun vs kamehameha (saiyan saga)

384px-Kamehameha vs Galick Gun
  • piccolo's sacrifice (saiyan saga)

  • vegeta final flash (perfect cell saga)

  • vegeta big bang attack (androids saga)

  • goku turns super saiyan (frieza saga)

  • vegeta turns super saiyan (androids saga)

  • vegeta turns assj (imperfect cell saga)

  • trunks turns ssj (future trunks saga)

  • trunks turns ussj (perfect cell saga)

  • gohan turns super saiyan 2 (cell games saga)

  • vegeta's sacrifice for bulma en trunks (majin buu saga)

  • vegeta turns majin (babidi saga)

  • goku's spirit bomb vs kid buu (kid buu saga)

  • piccolo's special beam cannon (saiyan saga)

  • vegeta hugs trunks (majin buu saga)

vegeta's transformations

vegeta normal form

i know its not realy a transformation

so i dont have to tell everything about it

oozaru vegeta

vegeta turned oozaru in the saiyan saga

when he was fighting with goku

he trowed a powerball in the air

so that would give him blutzwavez

than he changed into oozaru

vegeta super saiyan:
SSJ Vegeta

vegeta became a super saiyan in outer space

he first fougth with his super saiyan power against android 19

vegeta's super saiyan power was then more powerfull then goku's

ssj vegeta strongest attack is big bang attack

he lost against android 18 then he wanted even more strength

and that brings us to the next form

super vegeta

vegeta uses this form against cell second form

and a little bit against perfect cell

vegeta was way stronger then cell's second form

but he let his power overcome him and let cell just become perfect

than he lost realy badly

super vegeta strongest attack is ofcourse the FINAL FLASH

vegeta super saiyan 2

this form is used against super buu

and against kid buu

and i gues its used in GT too but gt sucks so i dont set that in

this form has incredeble power

the best move is final flash

majin vegeta

this form is vegeta taken over by babidi

he is not fully under controll bequese he is so unbelievebly strong

he is taken over at his ssj2 form and babidi gave him more strength

so this form is stronger then ssj2

super saiyan 3 vegeta
1169509-db raging blast vegeta ss3 small super

this form only apears in games and isnt a real dbz dbgt character

super saiyan 4 vegeta

bulma schoot blutzwavez at him and he became oozaru and then ssj4

farther favorite characters

number 4: jeice

number 5: zarbon

number 6: goku

number 7: frieza

number 8: cell

number 9: bardock

number 10: kid buu

number 11 future trunks

number 12 ; goten

number 13: kid trunks

number 14: tien

number 15: yamcha

number 16; android 16

number 17: android 17

number 18: android 18

number 19: burter

number 20: recoome

number 21; ginyu

number 22: oolong

number 23: king kai

number 24: shenron/porunga

number 25: raditz

number 26; nappa

number 27: android 13

number 28: super buu

number 29: bulma

number 30: broly

number 31: king cold

number 32: cooler

number 33: dabura

number 34: dodoria

number 35 videl

number 36; elder kai

number 37: surpreme kai

number 38: grand kai

number 39: vegito

number 40: gogeta

number 41; gotenks

number 42: syn shenron

number 43: rage shenron

number 44: korin

number 45; master roshi

number 46; pikkon

number 47: mr popo

number 48; kami

number 49: nail

number 50: hercule satan

number 51: sauzer

number 52: dark shenron

number 53: shuu

number 54: mai

'number 55: janemba *fat*

number 56: janemba 2d form

number 57: slug

number 58: super 13

number 59: super 17

number 60: tamborine

number 61: mercenery toa

number 62: tapion

number 63; toma

number 64: king vegeta

number 65: cui

number 66: apule

number 67; shen

number 68: turles

number 69: baba

number 70: uub

number 71: dr wheelo

number 72: yakon

number 73: babidi

number 74: bibidi

number 75: zangya

number 76; bojack

number 77: bido

number 78; bubles

number 79: gregory

number 80: king yemma

number 81: dende

number 82: cel jr

number 83: general white

number 84: general blue

number 85: commander red

number 86: colonal silver

number 87: baby

number 88: android 14

number 89: android 15

number 90: dr raichi

number 91: dr gero

number 92: dr myuu

number 93: hirudegarn

number 94: arale

number 95: garlic jr

number 96: garlic

number 97: don taki

number 98: don kee

number 99: Hachihyaku

number 100: android 19

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