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Template:User InfoboxI am 16 and i have been watching DBZ for a good amount of my life and I've seen all three animes and every movie many times over but unfortunately never read the manga. It is the best anime in my opinion and the only one i watch consistently. I'm irish, dutch, german, cherrokee, mohegan and spanish. I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Dre. I'm very well informed about Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT and all of the movies if you require any imformation about anything dragonball related just ask XD I like to test my knowledge so if u have any good hard questions then u will be doing me a favor by asking.

My favorite pages

Vegito SSJ4

Super Saiyan 4 Vegito

5th form frieza

Frieza 5th Form

Broly SSJ4


Top ten favorite characters

1.) Vegeta (Obviously)

2.) Kakarot (Whats not to love?)

3.) Raditz (Irdk hes weak but he coulda been like Vegeta)

Galick Gun

The greatest beam struggle

4.) Vegito (The perfect fusion if only he could have stayed)

5.) Piccolo (Hes such an ass hole i love it)

6.) Future Trunks (If only present Trunks could have been more like him...)

7.) Frieza (IDC if he sounded like a girl hes still kool)

8.) Bardock (Even I will say hes kool)

9.) King Vegeta (So awsome)

10.) Gogeta (Mabye not the better fusion but hes still powerful)

Top ten favorite Animes

Gohan SSJ5

SSj5 Gohan

1.) Dragonball Z

2.) Dragonball

3.) Pokemon (Only the first, second and third seasons then they took it to far)

4.) Yu Yu Hakasho

5.) Yu-Gi-Oh (Only the first show)

6.) X-Men

7.) X-Men Evolution

8.) Spider-Man

9.) The Incredible Hulk

10.) Dragonball GT (I still think DBGT ruined Dragonball but I like the techniques and transformations)

Top ten least favorite characters


Gotenks: Powerful? Yes Stupid and Annoying? Yes

Nerdy Gohan

What happened....

1.) Pan

2.) Hercule

3.) Videl

4.) Chichi

5.) Kid Trunks

6.) Chiaotzu

7.) Zarbon

8.) Cui

9.) Goten

10.) Gotenks

Favorite Techniques

Raditz SSJ4

Raditz SSJ4

1.)Kamehameha(And all variations)

2.) Kaioken

3.) Final Flash

4.) Final Shine

Vegeta Majin

Best form in my opinion

Final Shine

Greatest Technique Ever

5.) Big Bang Attack


Picura? or lol Diccolo

6.) Galick Gun (And all variations)

7.) Instant Transmission

8.) Special Beam Cannon

9.) Hellzone Grenade

10.) Spirit Bomb

11.) Dragon Fist

12.) Death Ball

13.) Death Beam

14.) Supernova

15.) Spirit Tri-Beam

16.) Fusion

17.) Hell Flash

18.) Mouth Energy Wave

19.) Destructo disk

20.) Burning Slash

Future Trunks SSJ4

SSJ4 Future Trunks

Vegeta SSJ4

Proudest/Greatest GT Achievment SSJ4 Vegeta

Vegito SSJ4VEGETATheLegendarySuperSayianSuper Sayian 5 Vegeta

Gogeta ssj4VEGETATheLegendarySuperSayianVegito ssj4.gif'

SS VegetaVEGETATheLegendarySuperSayianVegeta3


The Legendary Dark Princes

Lol ok well after awhile of my being here on this wiki me, TheDarkPrinceReturns!, and Saiyn Prince 5821 seemed 2 b kind of a team like we noticed tht we were always on the same side during debates and things like tht so one day saiyn prince kinda just made it official he called us The Trio and well we just kind of agreed lol we were the Trio at first but then we decided to change our name to something a bit more interesting and something that represents all of our favorite character the greatest thing ever created in anime, Vegeta :D, so we are now The Legendary Dark Princes. As of late saiyn prince 5821 has laft the LDP and been replaced by our designated replacee, Vegetabardockforever. I am currently working on a fanfiction called Dragon Ball VT.

Baby Goku 2

Baby Kakarot

Members of The Legendary Dark Princes please sign here

Vegito SSJ4VEGETATheLegendarySuperSayianSuper Sayian 5 Vegeta

Majin-VegetaTheDarkPrinceReturns!1123983673 ajinVegeta

Vegeta bardock forever Broly SSJ3 art in RB2 SSJ3 Vegeta in RB2 Future Gohan art in RB2


Oozaru Vegeta

Oozaru Vegeta

Cold Family


Majin Goku

Who says he has a pure heart..


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