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"Three years...three long years. That's how long it took to get Earth back. At first, it was just a simple war with normal losses. But then, it got serious. Now, Age 1027, the war restarts. Let's hope we can end it."
— A quote from a Fan Fiction I am working on.

— Ultimate Gogeta


DualGogeta.png Personality and Short Biography

Only me and the mods left. :P

Hello, Ultimate Gogeta! Obviously, my favorite character is Gogeta. My personality is a lot like Gogeta. I am also very friendly. I am 15 years of age.
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Corpse Princess.jpgDownload (18).jpg U l t i m a t eGogeta Vegito.jpgG o g e t a Download (18).jpgCorpse Princess (2).jpg
I can not die. I AM death.Corpse Princess (2).jpg You can not hurt me. You can only hurt yourself.
Fujiwara no Mokou.jpgI can not die. I AM death.Fujiwara no Mokou (2).jpg
fullN y a n -  C a t

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PiccoloBallsInert.Ep.264.png Ultimate Gogeta's balls are
not inert.

Ep-125-(4).jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Popo fan.

GotenSuperSaiyanINV.png Ultimate Gogeta became a Super Saiyan at age 7!

ImagesCAJF1DW1.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a Yoshi.

GokuKidSuperSaiyanDBGT02.png Ultimate Gogeta is very active on Dragon Ball Wiki.

Son gohan.jpg Ultimate Gogeta will not tolerate Vandalism.
VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Vegeta fan.

Supersaiyans.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of Super Saiyans.

Kamehameha.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of Energy Beams!

Cm-punk-nexus-wallpaper-1920x1200.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan/member of The (New) Nexus
Gohan ssj2.PNG Ultimate Gogeta is a
Gohan fan.

Krillin666666.jpg Ultimate Gogeta Thinks
Krillin should have died in saiyan saga and never come back.
GogetaFusionRebornDVD.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Gogeta fan.
VegitoSuperSaiyan.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Vegito fan.

DBZ Earth's Special Forces.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of the Z Fighters.
Z villains.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of the Villains.
Elder-supreme-kai.jpg This user has an advanced understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.
ChromeLogo.png Ultimate Gogeta contributes using Google Chrome.
-large--AnimePaper-scans Dragon-Ball-Z gtsayaman(1) THISRES 215457.jpg Ultimate Gogeta thinks Dragon Ball Z is the best series!
Super17.png Ultimate Gogeta thinks Dragon Ball GT is the best in the series!
WWE ring.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of WWE, TNA, and ROH Pro Wrestling.
Flag of the United States of America.png Ultimate Gogeta lives in the United States of America.

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GokuSpiritBombKidBuu.png Ultimate Gogeta has been a member of Dragon Ball Wiki since OCTOBER 22, 2011.
Dende.png Ultimate Gogeta wants to help other users!
83703 Toonami logo.gif Ultimate Gogeta was introduced to the Dragon Ball series on Toonami.
Ssj4vegeta.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Super Saiyan 4.
GokuSuperSaiyanIIINV.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Super Saiyan 3.
GohanSuperSaiyanIINV.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Super Saiyan 2.
032-21.png Ultimate Gogeta Lives on
Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Super Saiyan .

CoolerMetalRobot.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Meta Cooler fan.
FriezaFinalFormRobotNV.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Mecha Frieza fan.
Lordcooler.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Cooler fan.
NappaEarthSS02.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Nappa fan.
Frieza1.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Frieza fan.

GuldoGF.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Guldo fan.
JeiceScouter.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Jeice fan.
PlanetVegetaBeforeItWasD.png Ultimate Gogeta Lives on
BurterNV.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Burter fan.
PiccoloPriorKCA.png Ultimate Gogeta thinks Dragon Ball is the best in the series!
RaditzFE.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Raditz fan.

Bardock.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Bardock fan.

Future Trunks.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Future Trunks fan.

MasterRoshiTurtleKameHouse.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Master Roshi fan.

CellPerfectReturnsNV.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
CellCell fan.

FutureGohan.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Future Gohan fan.

DaburaMBS.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Dabura fan.

Tien10.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Tien Shinhan fan.

Yamcha- Saiyan saga.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Yamcha fan.

Fat Buu.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Majin Buu fan.

Piccoloface.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Piccolo fan.

Super Trunks.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Super Trunks fan
Vlcsnap-2009-11-05-01h42m39s36.png Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of

Neo tri-beam attack focus.jpg Ultimate Gogeta knows
Tri-Beam and blasted Cell with it.

PiccoloSpecialBeamCannonK.png Ultimate Gogeta knows
Special Beam Cannon and killed Raditz with it.

MTaoflying.png Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of
Mercenary Tao.

GokuFullPowerSuperSaiyanNV01.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Full-Power Super Saiyan.
MercenaryTaoCellGamesSaga..png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Cyborg Tao fan.
Farmer.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Farmer fan.
GokuUltraSaiyan.Png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Ultra Super Saiyan.
AscendedSuperSaiyanGoku.png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Ascended Super Saiyan.
Android16BirdPeace.png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Android 16 fan.
Android17ImperfectCellSaga.png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Android 17 fan.
DBZ - 251The Old Kais Weapon 0069.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is an
Old Kai fan.
NeizDooreSalza02.png Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of the
Armored Squadron.
FriezaElite.png Ultimate Gogeta is a fan of
Frieza and his Elite
Lord Slug - Lord Slug - 007.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Lord Slug fan.

Cell10.PNG Ultimate Gogeta likes the design of
Cell's Imperfect form.
KingColdVsFutureTrunksV01.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
King Cold fan.
MercenaryTaoGeneralBluePressurePointAttackEp59.png Ultimate Gogeta can kill you with their tongue
ColonelSilverDragonBallRRA.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Colonel Silver fan.
250px-Final Kamehameha-1-.png Ultimate Gogeta learned the
Final Kamehameha and almost killed Super Buu with it.

OldPiccolo.Ep.102.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
King Piccolo fan.

TheRedRibbonArmyFlag.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Red Ribbon Army fan.

GokuKaio-KenNamekGinyu.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Kaio-ken User.
KingVegeta.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
King Vegeta fan.
GokuEndofDB.png Ultimate Gogeta is a
Goku fan.

Goku universal spirit bomb.jpg Ultimate Gogeta learned the
Universal Spirit Bomb and killed Omega Shenron with it.
MajinBuuEvilTheEvilOfMen01.png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Evil Buu fan.

Ultimate Gogeta is a Kaio-ken fan.
Zarbon 2.jpg Ultimate Gogeta is a
Zarbon fan.

Android 8 - The Path to Power - 001.png Ultimate Gogeta is an
Android 8 fan.

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