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aka Zach

  • I live in Cincinnati
  • My occupation is hosting tournaments
  • I am perfecter

About Me

I grew up watching dragon ball z and I still believe its a great show. DB Super is alright, definitely not how I would do a show after DBZ, but whatever. Anyways this is my page, check this shit out. Also I lost the ability to edit my photo gallery, the captions are from 8 years ago and there's nothing I can do about it.

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Cell thewax

Cell Preparing Solar Kamehameha

My Sigs

CellPerfectReturnsNVPerfection Can't Die It is ImpossibleCellPerfectReturnsNV

Cell's dooms day

Cell's doomsday broadcast

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Favorite Characters

Personal Favorite Energy Attacks

The unbeatable attack...

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Gallery (Slide Shows)

  • The beginning of Cell
  • Time
  • Imperfect Cell
  • Showing Off
  • Moving Up
  • Coward Form
  • Complete
  • Pefection
  • Ultimate Perfection
  • Evolution of Cell

What I am

CellPerfectReturnsNV Ultimate-perfection is a
CellCell fan.

VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03 Ultimate-perfection is a
Vegeta fan.

Gohan ssj2 Ultimate-perfection is a
Gohan fan.

Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- Ultimate-perfection is a
Super Saiyan .
Ssj2gohan Ultimate-perfection is a fan of Super Saiyan 2.
GokuSuperSaiyanIIINV Ultimate-perfection is a
Super Saiyan 3.
Final Flash Ultimate-perfection learned the
Final Flash and almost killed Cell with it.
FINALSHINE Ultimate-perfection Knows the Final Shine Attack and has attacked Super 17 with it
TheGinyuForceDBK02 Ultimate-perfection is a fan of the
Ginyu Force.
Piccoloface Ultimate-perfection is a
Piccolo fan.
NappaEarthSS02 Ultimate-perfection is a
Nappa fan.
Android17ImperfectCellSaga Ultimate-perfection is an
Android 17 fan.
Android18FutureVsGohanDVD Ultimate-perfection is an
Android 18 fan.
Android16BirdPeace Ultimate-perfection is an
Android 16 fan.
Son gohan Ultimate-perfection will not tolerate Vandalism.
TheRedRibbonArmyFlag Ultimate-perfection is a
Red Ribbon Army fan.
FriezaFinalFormRobotNV Ultimate-perfection is a
Mecha Frieza fan.
Frieza1 Ultimate-perfection is a
Frieza fan.
FriezaElite Ultimate-perfection is a fan of
Frieza and his Elite
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