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Hey! :D

Hello everyone I`m Trunks88! I`ve been on the wiki for a little while and have liked DBZ for a long while! My favorite character is Trunks (JUST FUTURE!) Some things I like to do are draw and create things and just be creative. I also like to play almost any sport you can name. I also like to write, but I`m not very good at that. Well thats all about me hope to see you guys around! :D

Favorite Characters

Future Trunks

Future Trunks Trunks88 is a
Future Trunks fan.

 This is by far my favorite DBZ character, and once more I`d like to make myself clear JUST FUTURE is my favorite, I find chibi Trunks to be very annoying. Well first this guy is just BA. second he is very unique, with his fighting style, and very unique for a saiyan. I also miss Trunks and wish he would`ve hung around for Buu. Another reason he`s great is because he`s just so mysterious. Plus his techniques are really intense and crazy!

Tien Shinhan

Tien10 Trunks88 is a
Tien Shinhan fan.

Tien Shinhan is on this list because he is just a freakin beast! I really love this guy I think he has the best techniques of all humans or possibly any character. To begin this guy has guts he`s not afraid to challenge anybody! I also love that he was Goku`s real first challenge, and he really beat him up. I also like Tien`s dedication to become stronger. Also the reason Tien`s so high up on my list is because of his BA skills against cell!


Frieza1 Trunks88 is a
Frieza fan.

Oh Frieza just had to be on my list! He is by far one of the most ruethless mother fudgers I`ve ever seen. I love his polite sarcastic attitude and the fact that he has respect for almost nothing. Again I also like him for his techniques, and moves. Barrage Death Beam is my favorite technique performed by Frieza(and most of the cold family) I also think it`s great how he blew up almost the entire saiyan race by barely lifting a finger, and it`s also great that he was killed(and powned) by 2 different saiyans.


VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03 Trunks88 is a
Vegeta fan.

ALL HAIL THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!!!! ahhh Vegeta you either love this guy or he drives you nut, and I love him. To begin he`s one of the stronger characters which is nice! Also his personallity is just great! I like how he started off as one of the coolest villains ever, then he becomes a bit of an @$$ for a while then he`s like the coolest good guy ever!! I also like his fighting style because he tries to make his opponenets fear him (when hes not getting his @$$ kicked) which is fun to watch! haha


Piccoloface Trunks88 is a
Piccolo fan.

I like piccolo for a lot of the reasons I like Vegeta. Started off evil now hes good, and that stuff, but Piccolo is just amazing I think Piccolo`s great! To begin I love the relationship he formed with Gohan. I also like his fighting style very agressive and fast! I think Piccolo has some of the best DB/DBZ/DBGT techniques of all time, I mean when I first saw him launch special beam cannon I was blown away, and he must`ve felt great like killing 2 birds with one stone. Yeah I also love how strong he is for a namek I mean namek even comes close to Piccolo!

Favorite Technique

My favorite Technique of all time is Spirit Bomb, because it`s the strongest and takes many people to use and it`s the coolest looking move! :D


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